Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whom have you helped today?

If you wish to contribute, please mail us at indiahelps@gmail.com or info@indiahelps.com or leave me a comment, well take it forward. Alternatively, if you want to put up the posters on your blogs and spread the word, that would be fantastic too. Let me know if you want the full resolution leaflets.
Peeps abroad who want to send in money, cheques can be drawn directly in favor of Poornima (Ahana Misra case) or in the name of Indiahelps (Pavement schools). Please do contact us, well take it forward.
The developments can be followed up on www.indiahelps.blogspot.com and www.indiahelps.org.
Help us spread the word!


Piper .. said...

I really appreciate your consistent efforts in this regard. Bravo!

Mumbai Diva said...

You're an amazing young girl.