Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A matter of Conscience

Last night as I walked out of Yoko's - a popular sizzler joint in town, something i will not forget anytime soon happened.

As we parked, just outside our car, lying on the pavement was a man drunk and passed out on the ground. I missed noticing him at the time since Mumbai is full of pavement dwellers, random people grabbing a wink on the footpath and the likes.

However, when we returned from dinner, and as I got into the car, I noticed another man opening this persons back pocket and trying to pry the wallet out. By then we (3 girls, 2 boys) were all in the car, and I had surmised that this person was trying to steal this drunkards wallet (and later i realized, shoes as well).

Since this was about one foot away from our car, this man noticed and at that time generally looked away so we dint think he was being suspicious. He also pulled his hand away from the other mans pocket (who was still passed out) which led us to believe that he could be his companion, or friend.

Once we started our car and began to pull away, I saw that this man quickly put his hand back into the drunk mans pocket, pulled the wallet out, changed into his shoes and very inconspicuously shuffled away. Seeing which i immediately almost yelled, and we stopped the car.

The drunk guy was still in an inebriated state... he would have woken up today finding his wallet (whatever little money would be inside) as well as his shoes missing. We could do nothing about it... since he was drunk, the other guy looked very suspicious,and could have had a gang, we were three women after all --- all those reasons. Still...

I couldn't get that image out of my mind for a long time - and still cant. I hope that the person who was drunk and passed out to an extent that someone could come and open his trouser button, take out his wallet, shoes and whatever he had on this person, learns a lesson and learns the limit. I also hope some luck comes his way and he doesn't have mouths to feed.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Offer me a rainbow

What is this phenomena of thinking in terms of blog posts, but when u click on 'edit posts' your face is a big white blank? In due course of time, someone should coin a term for it.

Its not even the lack of events that one has nothing to blog about. currently one would want pace of life to slow down a little as overwhelmingness could take over soon. Too much to do, too many decisions to make, too many webs to unentangle, and as is always the case, far far too less time.

What is is about inertia that just fogs your mind? I feel as though the amount of inertia is directly proportionate to the importance and time-crunched-ness of the situation. The bigger decisions and things of greater urgency I need to do, the more my usual proactive self takes a backseat.
Where is the dynamic-self-confident-sorted-out avatar when one needs it?!!

Add to that, one gets a horoscope saying "What are your goals in life? You might benefit from taking some time to write them down this week. Perhaps you'd like to find your soul mate, reach the top of your company, or lose a few pounds. But you can have the loftiest ideals in the world and not have the faintest notion of the first step to take! " Who asked Astocenter anyway. Even they know i need to figure out my life! Gah!! #$%^&@#

Add to the already unrequired inertia are things which one doesnt need - a familiar voice best left unheard, a relative with questions rather left unanswered, and conversations of matrimony when current mindspace is allergic to all of the above.

Aformentioned setbacks notwithstanding, Today I plan to make a note. Of the things I need to do. And action it. I think its my blogs fault. I used to have a diary in which I would actually write nearly each day, and make notes and pointers and felt guilty if I didnt do-a-to-do. This blog business is all public and all and then the concept is 'whats there, ill do it at some point'. no one makes me feel guilty about it. My diary was my friend. with real angry faces when i didnt do-the-to-do. lol.

So here's to 'The List'. (Currently there are two in my life - the one I will make today and the one in the book im reading - P.S. I love you.)

Why am I reading P.S. I love you? I needed to read a nice sweet book to tell me love exists and butterflies in stomach are real ... and in the first page i find out that HE DIES. Thank you Author woman. So much for my nice sweet love story, should've bought a Mills n Boon. 'A Special sort of man', 'Promise of passion', 'Love on loan' sound good to you?!! LOL!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Driving, Drivin in your car...

If your driving me, here's a heads up on some do's and dont's. Applicable for EVERYONE.
  • Dont drive at 40kmph if the road is empty. Revv up the engine and GOO! Cabbies especially, it is excrutiatingly difficult to be in a hot stuffy cab if your driving so slow that i could jog faster.
  • Make sure the wipers work. In case of friends, let me work the wiper, i LOVE doing that (its a thing). If your a cabbie, just make sure the ONE LONE wiper you guys generally have only on the drivers side of the windshield is not too loose, not too tight and you dont have to prod it with a stick every once in a while.
  • Always have tissues!
  • If you dont have auto lock, TELL ME. Most cars today generally do, and if we (I) forget and conveniently walk out, its not our (my) fault. :)
  • If your playing Music, let it PLAY! Dont rewind and forward and repeat and skip till I box you.
  • In case your a cabbie, please give up on getting the EXACT frequency of the radio station, cause face it, each time we go over a speedbreaker the receptions gonna crack. Lets just go with peace and quiet. Unless its raining, in which case feel free to play old hindi songs. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Same sh*t, different day

U HAD to BE here to believe it. These are'nt bad resolution pictures - thats how the weather was!! Rain lovers in Mumbai - head to Lonavla/Khandala ASAP!! Of course, be sure to witness full aunty-uncle-tinku-minku type crowd, but so long as u got your little coterie with you, your set.
The expressway from the eating place at Dukes Retreat - the clouds completely shadow the hills that lie beyond.

Justttt before it started pouring and I could see this no more.
Its amazing - how a change of scenery can just put things into perspective. I came away from a small day and a half long picnic with a calm realization of the battle that lies forth, and how much introspection lay impending - and ignored.

Do we actually reach a point in our lives when past experiences shadow future endeavours? Off late I seem to have proved everyones point - that I did live in a bubble, and being too much of an optimist and hoping against hope is for fools, that ONE day I will wake up with a eerie realization - 'I'm no longer that crazy optimist I used to be, Realism and Pessimism have overshadowed my dreams and longs and expectations'

Do we reach a point in our lives that we're so scarred that every experience seems like a re-run of the past? And if it isnt, well still feel that cause once bitten, twice shy? Should you learn from past experience and guard yourself better, or should you give new people/new situations a fair chance to get to know the real, soft, unedited, vulnerable you?

If you learn from each experience you go through and figure - 'I need to toughen up' - you may toughen up so much that no one will ever reach a point that they can hurt you. I wouldnt want this.

Else, if you DONT learn from each experience and continue being the same, you'd just be allowing people and situations to get the better of you and continue hurting. I wouldnt want that either.

What about the people you hurt along the way? The people who did no wrong except allow themselves to be caught up in your mess? Can you pass it off by saying that that's their battle, just like you have yours? Or should you not have allowed that person to get caught up in your entangled, entwined mind?

Where's that fine line? Between holding on to youself and letting go? Between loving someone and falling in love? Between learning from the past and looking forward to the future? Between being independent and fiercely guarded to learning to depend and share? I would really like to cross over to the other side....

Monday, August 4, 2008