Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cats the way we like it?

Theres a new radio station on air. Its Mumbai's only 'Women only' channel. Err... women only channel? Do they not have male RJ's? Do men not tune in? Its called (wonder of wonders) 'Meow'.

Why Meow? Why women only? Not only did i find the idea ridiculous, but on tuning in, the channel itself is a waste of time. The discussions range from (hold your breath) 'Boyfriends' to 'Why Men are such fools' to (gasp) 'What women really want'.

The next step in progressing would possibly be discussing the 'Recipe for the week' sent in by an avid Meow listener im guessing. What a breakthrough in strategy . The channel clearly differentiates itself, carving a niche no one can (and will) dare enter - complete foolishness.

I wonder how i could forget to mention the traditional 'hello' being replaced by the (wow again) 'Meow'. it goes like this 'Hello abc, Meeeoow' and abc has to oblige with a 'Meeow' back. YIKES.

Someone explain to the world that we dont want womenhood celebrated in this way. We dont like cats, we dont like saying 'Meow' instead of hi, and we CERTAINLY dont like wasting time discussing boyfriend issues which for one, will ALWAYS be around. Men will always be Men and there will always be subsequent problems. :) Besides there are enough shows on the tele discussing these!

What we want instead, is an equal platform. Recognition. Gratification (from egoistic male boors who would rather die than admit it) for being the powerful assertive and rational beings that we are. Gifts, for being put through the confusion that surrounds male lives and having to help them deal with it. [Someone made on movie on 'what women want', why dint they just ASK]

A women only channel that calls itself 'Meow' is just moving in the reverse direction. I figured the COO is definitely male. [NO OFFENSE INTENDED] Its just validation of my initial guess.

The below excerpt from here.

Explaining the brand name Radio Today COO Anil Srivatsa said, "Meow embodies the attributes of a woman, where she can be all by herself. It symbolises spirituality, sensuality, professionalism. It is more than a cat call as everyone initially perceives. The cat is much more feminine, clean and free in itself. The various moods of a woman is explained. When somebody says meow four times, he can't help laughing. "

Really???? Thats how the womans mood is being explained??!!

Its no coincidence (Im guessing) that the channel is based on a 'On the air' host format rather than rather than 'jockeys' who host music programming. Since women love to talk?

I miss the midnight shift with Glen and the accompanying jingle 'I knoww your gonnaa diggg thiss!'

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Death of an Innocent

Commonplace happenings these. Have been battling early morning rage on reading one devastating story after another whilst the breakfast tea routine. This has now given way to simply skimming through pointless tabloid-ish papers The Bombay Times and Mumbai Mirror, and then coming home and reading the paper.

Parents killing children, fathers fathering children with their daughters, siblings killing each other, incestous relationships, murders driven by fits of blinding anger and raving jealousy are an everyday piece of news. Not only that, the murders/acts themselves seem to have taken on more and more grotesque proportions since the recent past.

The recent case of the two murders currently in the limelight - the murder of a child Aarushi Talwar and manservant, and the other murder of Neeraj Grover. In the first case, not only is it appalling that a child was murdered, (that too in all probabilities by her father), but pains were taken to hide the manservants body in the neighbouring terrace to hide evidence.

I probably dont have all the facts with me, but somehow Rajesh Talwar and his wife certainly dont look like two innocent people whove just lost their daughter. On the contrary, they look more concerned for their own futures which right now, are at stake. Again, im no parent, but a discussion with my dad led me to believe that if your own child is killed one will be so overcome with grief (provided of course that one did not do it himself) that he/she wont be able to assimilate other goings on.

In the other case, one that only B grade movie plots are made of, two well educated, seemingly decent people went through hours of chopping up someones body into 300 pieces no less, in a bid that the body would not be found. I was trying to think of how these murders couldve gotten worse, and drew up a blank. They couldnt get more inhumane, more horrific than they already are.

Modern day lifestyles have led to shorter tempers, larger egos and more accesible weapons. Psychopath tendencies live in each one of us, its about dealing with it.

The world we are passing on to the next generation is just degrading day by day. we need something drastic to rekindle faith in humanity once again...Cause the way we're headed I see only Darkness.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Many Many hours ago..

It wasnt too long ago that this happened. Actually it was very long ago, hindsight tends to shrink time. Let her not start on her feelings for 'hindsight' and 'retrospect' :)

And he had to leave again. An abrupt end to her mini fairy tale. Which barely starts before the inevitable happens - 'Curtains' someone calls and thats that. Prince Charming leaves. Climbs onto his winged horse and speeds away, leaves an sms (i did mention a modern day story didnt i?) at a stopover reassuring her of his well being.

This however, does not suffice. She wants the whole enchillada. The entire story with the bling thing and the love shove and the mushy ending. Him leaving ought not to be an option. All in favor say aye! AYE AYE.

But what is a fairy tale without a teary farewell, a longing heart or suppressed passion? Had it been a smooth ride, an easy acquisition, and an uneventful journey, would she not have craved for some jitters? Man is a fool they say.. when its hot he wants it cool, when its cooled he wants it hot...all the way wanting, what is not.

This is her modern day fairy tale. A dimpled Prince Charming sweeps South Mumbai girl off'r her feet, only to disappear yonder far far away into the distant land, only to return for a few fleeting moments to remind his waiting (dare i say princess) lady of his determined love, give her a scent of his enchanting perfume, a whiff of a kiss, a breeze of a hug, and most importantly - a promise.

'Applause' says someone, as she narrates it to the world, for this sounds truly like an enchanting tale.
'A little less separation next time' says another...'Love must find some togetherness'
'Worry not', said she 'They will find love in togetherness' and thought secretly of the next visit, when two will become one, the two halves will be made whole, and not one, but two will ride away into what lies yonder...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Forever and ever, Amen

Now playing : Dancing on a ceiling (Lionel Richie)
Today i had an intensely happy moment. The kind that makes you feel soo happy inside, it made me well up and not have words to elaborate it here.

There are some songs, I realize, that hide away certain memories for you - that when u play them back, you can just magically disappear into that long forgotten moment for a while. Songs like Forever and Ever, I told you so ..Randy Travis, Lionel Richie etc are so reminiscent of my childhood.

Today i downloaded the songs mentioned above and rushed into my parents room and called Daddy into my room, and played one of his fav songs for him. It took him all of 5 seconds to realize what song it was, and this immense smile overtook all other expressions on his face.... it was this surprise old feeling for him. Those 2 minutes when we both were listening to the song, we both that strange, melancholic smiles - he too, was revisiting.

How do i even say it? 12 years ago, more actually...this same father daughter have heard these very songs played from a Hitachi 2 in 1 from cassettes that are long lost. Daddy would have a book with him, lying down with a beer on the table next to the bed, and I not to be outdone would be with my 'grown up' book of Enid Blyton etc, sleeping with my head on his stomach reading and listening to the music.

Daddy would smell of Brut, and have that typical defence hair cut and demeanour, well built arms and a staunch, principled stagger. Everything he did, I admired. The music he loved, I loved. I have many of his characteristics now, just like i hoped i would. Save for the dimple... the darn dimple i tired sooo hard to get. He's strong willed but soft hearted, aggressive but naive, principled and staunch, classy but homely, firm and steadfast in his beliefs and dreams and acheiving them.

In my teens i found myself growing more and more towards my mother and more and more away from daddy. My mom became my point of contact 'where are you, wat time are you coming home etc'. However Daddy came into the picture when an unknown boy called home. Let me just say this, for those who called back, Thank you. :)

Just before he left my room, he told me a few more songs he'd love if i 'get somewhere from the internet' ....quick kiss on my forehead and he went back to his room.

And just like that, for that brief moment I was Daddy's girl again.