Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cats the way we like it?

Theres a new radio station on air. Its Mumbai's only 'Women only' channel. Err... women only channel? Do they not have male RJ's? Do men not tune in? Its called (wonder of wonders) 'Meow'.

Why Meow? Why women only? Not only did i find the idea ridiculous, but on tuning in, the channel itself is a waste of time. The discussions range from (hold your breath) 'Boyfriends' to 'Why Men are such fools' to (gasp) 'What women really want'.

The next step in progressing would possibly be discussing the 'Recipe for the week' sent in by an avid Meow listener im guessing. What a breakthrough in strategy . The channel clearly differentiates itself, carving a niche no one can (and will) dare enter - complete foolishness.

I wonder how i could forget to mention the traditional 'hello' being replaced by the (wow again) 'Meow'. it goes like this 'Hello abc, Meeeoow' and abc has to oblige with a 'Meeow' back. YIKES.

Someone explain to the world that we dont want womenhood celebrated in this way. We dont like cats, we dont like saying 'Meow' instead of hi, and we CERTAINLY dont like wasting time discussing boyfriend issues which for one, will ALWAYS be around. Men will always be Men and there will always be subsequent problems. :) Besides there are enough shows on the tele discussing these!

What we want instead, is an equal platform. Recognition. Gratification (from egoistic male boors who would rather die than admit it) for being the powerful assertive and rational beings that we are. Gifts, for being put through the confusion that surrounds male lives and having to help them deal with it. [Someone made on movie on 'what women want', why dint they just ASK]

A women only channel that calls itself 'Meow' is just moving in the reverse direction. I figured the COO is definitely male. [NO OFFENSE INTENDED] Its just validation of my initial guess.

The below excerpt from here.

Explaining the brand name Radio Today COO Anil Srivatsa said, "Meow embodies the attributes of a woman, where she can be all by herself. It symbolises spirituality, sensuality, professionalism. It is more than a cat call as everyone initially perceives. The cat is much more feminine, clean and free in itself. The various moods of a woman is explained. When somebody says meow four times, he can't help laughing. "

Really???? Thats how the womans mood is being explained??!!

Its no coincidence (Im guessing) that the channel is based on a 'On the air' host format rather than rather than 'jockeys' who host music programming. Since women love to talk?

I miss the midnight shift with Glen and the accompanying jingle 'I knoww your gonnaa diggg thiss!'


Scarlett said...

Meow plays really sad music as well. The 'dekha hai pehli baar sajan ki aankhon mein pyar' kinds.

Aditya said...

Scarlett: Tip: Listen post-11 PM. I've heard Floyd-U2-U2-Doors back to back! And if you like old Hindi stuff, tune in in the afternoons. And yes, I listen to it, and I'm male!

s: They do have male RJs, and they sound like they've been rejected by other stations. But the worst without a doubt is the woman who has the 8-10 slot. She was probably rejected by AIR for the announcers' role for being too boring. She speaks crap and continuous crap.

The channel at times other than I mentioned is disturbingly bad if you think FM is for music - at any given time there is someone chatting. Argh. And most of the topics are not for feminists but for what I call feminazis; those who insist that they have to be meaner and badder than the men to be "equal".

I try often to listen as the stuff on OTHER channels is crap too, but I have just not managed to survive.

And yes, they have a food show too!!

PS: "Men will always be Men" - yeah, so I'd appreciate it if women don't bother trying to be men too, it ain't worth it, and you ladies are just too nice the way you are ;)

PPS: I miss Glen too!

Serendipity said...

Scarlett - dont kill me, but there are times i like the 'Dekha hai pehli baar sajan ki aakhon mein pyaar type music'. I was at a terrace party on saturday where there was only 90s hindi music, and i HAD A BLASSSTTT!

@ Ad - Listen to 107.1!! Tuesdays an thursdays in the morning and 9-10 most weekdays. fantastic music.

Sinatra, air supply, doors etc.. brilliant stuff.

I spent so many night studying from 12-4 in the morning listenign to Glen its not even funny. wouldve never gotten through Engg drawing, Applied Maths or even probablility had it not been for him :)

Scarlett said...

That's it...You're dead! :)
Calcutta radio stations suck! They play either Bong music or outdated Hindi music. Why did I move to Cal again??

CrazyDiamond said...

well, crib all you want. Ever since I moved to the NYC, I get the devil's music on radio all the time (that which is also called Hip hop).

But the live concerts are a blessing.

Aditya said...

ooooh a fellow engineer! I got through the nights - yes, 12 to 4! - listening to the radio, Satriani and Rahul Sharma. Yeah, odd combo.

If you listened to Glen in your first year, I suspect you're a couple of batches junior to me... the late night show started towards the end of my four years :)

And yes, I do listen to 107.1 often :)

Scarlett: yes, why DID you move to Cal? Why would ANYONE move out of Bombay?!

Scarlett/seren: You cannot type out 'Dehka hai pehli baar, saajan ki aankhon mein pyaar' without typing 'tin ti ti tin, tin ti ti tin, tin ti ti tin, tin ti ti tin' after that!!!

dilbar tujhe milne ko, kab tak thha mai bekaraar...


Scarlett said...

Ab jaake aaya mere bechain dil ko karaar ;)


@Aditya: I don't know why I moved out of Bombay...I had my reasons...but we never know if we made the right decision or not until we start facing the consequences!

Serendipity said...

Just about the same batch I should think :) [Agewise]

Scarlett said...

How 'bout this song to mitigate the disastrous effect of 'Dekha hai pehli baar sajan ki aankhon mein pyaar'...?

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away...

Just felt like singin' it :)

TS said...

Dude... my girlfriend was an RJ for Meow when it launched in Delhi, sometime in Jan last year.

She quit in a couple of months. Ha ha. Its a pretty badly managed unit.

But they do play good music post 11:00 PM. Also, there is an evening show hosted by this girl I know called Ginnie, which is quite nice.

"SunShine" said...

Yeah I am back; alive and kicking though nt rocking yet. Haven't got chance to hear this. Drop me a mail/scrap and let me know how are things with you.
** Hugs**