Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Death of an Innocent

Commonplace happenings these. Have been battling early morning rage on reading one devastating story after another whilst the breakfast tea routine. This has now given way to simply skimming through pointless tabloid-ish papers The Bombay Times and Mumbai Mirror, and then coming home and reading the paper.

Parents killing children, fathers fathering children with their daughters, siblings killing each other, incestous relationships, murders driven by fits of blinding anger and raving jealousy are an everyday piece of news. Not only that, the murders/acts themselves seem to have taken on more and more grotesque proportions since the recent past.

The recent case of the two murders currently in the limelight - the murder of a child Aarushi Talwar and manservant, and the other murder of Neeraj Grover. In the first case, not only is it appalling that a child was murdered, (that too in all probabilities by her father), but pains were taken to hide the manservants body in the neighbouring terrace to hide evidence.

I probably dont have all the facts with me, but somehow Rajesh Talwar and his wife certainly dont look like two innocent people whove just lost their daughter. On the contrary, they look more concerned for their own futures which right now, are at stake. Again, im no parent, but a discussion with my dad led me to believe that if your own child is killed one will be so overcome with grief (provided of course that one did not do it himself) that he/she wont be able to assimilate other goings on.

In the other case, one that only B grade movie plots are made of, two well educated, seemingly decent people went through hours of chopping up someones body into 300 pieces no less, in a bid that the body would not be found. I was trying to think of how these murders couldve gotten worse, and drew up a blank. They couldnt get more inhumane, more horrific than they already are.

Modern day lifestyles have led to shorter tempers, larger egos and more accesible weapons. Psychopath tendencies live in each one of us, its about dealing with it.

The world we are passing on to the next generation is just degrading day by day. we need something drastic to rekindle faith in humanity once again...Cause the way we're headed I see only Darkness.


Aditya said...

Couple that with 24x7 - pun not intended - media coverage and it is enough to put you off meals.

People like these have existed throughout history, but today's stress is only making it worse. And then hearing about it as BREAKING NEWS every thirty seconds someone finds a bloodspot is enough to de-sensitize us. Till it happens to someone we know.

There is just no way out, and I'm normally the guy who sees the glass half-full.

Jack Sparrow said...

I sgree with Aditya. I was home for a couple of weeks, right around the time these events occured, and by the time I left I was so inundated with information about these cases that it made me sick to even turn to news channels. The way these stories were reported was completely undignified and totally sensationalized.

Sensational reporting notwithstanding, it is still hard to imagine that ordinary people are capable of such acts. But then again, all it takes is for someone to push the wrong buttons in any of us. Everyone has their flashpoint.

Ashwin said...

I'm pretty sure these things happened long before the tele walked into our lives.

also, there are some that would argue the media is responsible for bringing justice to the dead.

Serendipity said...

Ashwin- i agree!However, i also speak of the death of humanity as it may seem, in these gruesome murders and other stories.
Also, while media attention has been vital in justice is soo many cases (Jessica Lal etc), it is the sensationalisation of the murders that is upsetting.