Thursday, May 8, 2008

Many Many hours ago..

It wasnt too long ago that this happened. Actually it was very long ago, hindsight tends to shrink time. Let her not start on her feelings for 'hindsight' and 'retrospect' :)

And he had to leave again. An abrupt end to her mini fairy tale. Which barely starts before the inevitable happens - 'Curtains' someone calls and thats that. Prince Charming leaves. Climbs onto his winged horse and speeds away, leaves an sms (i did mention a modern day story didnt i?) at a stopover reassuring her of his well being.

This however, does not suffice. She wants the whole enchillada. The entire story with the bling thing and the love shove and the mushy ending. Him leaving ought not to be an option. All in favor say aye! AYE AYE.

But what is a fairy tale without a teary farewell, a longing heart or suppressed passion? Had it been a smooth ride, an easy acquisition, and an uneventful journey, would she not have craved for some jitters? Man is a fool they say.. when its hot he wants it cool, when its cooled he wants it hot...all the way wanting, what is not.

This is her modern day fairy tale. A dimpled Prince Charming sweeps South Mumbai girl off'r her feet, only to disappear yonder far far away into the distant land, only to return for a few fleeting moments to remind his waiting (dare i say princess) lady of his determined love, give her a scent of his enchanting perfume, a whiff of a kiss, a breeze of a hug, and most importantly - a promise.

'Applause' says someone, as she narrates it to the world, for this sounds truly like an enchanting tale.
'A little less separation next time' says another...'Love must find some togetherness'
'Worry not', said she 'They will find love in togetherness' and thought secretly of the next visit, when two will become one, the two halves will be made whole, and not one, but two will ride away into what lies yonder...


Aditya said...

I have not the words to tell you how well I understand what you mean. that's all I can say now.

And I curse you for bringing out my worst fears in me, again.

Not that they needed any help...

Abhishek said...

THis is super duper stuff...awesome...
Btw when is the two-in-one thing happening?

Rach said...

hmmm... i pray for this story to have the have an ending it deserves... togetherness! :)

Jack Sparrow said...

Not one, but two will ride away into what lies yonder ... Aye :)

I'm glad you still believe in the fairy-tale. And I like the obsession with dimples !

Serendipity said...

@ Ad - :) whereve u been!

@Abs - you will be cordially informed :) and two in one?
like two in one with cd changer?

@Rach- it needs prayers. Unfortunately the world is full of more people who wish you evil than good.

@Jack - I hate the obsession with dimples. can someone please just give me one and get it over with?!

Aditya said...

I've been around... now that I've found someone I'm dreading to leave in a few months' time, I'm trying to make the most of it.

Will get back to writing soon. Glad to see you have, gives me a reason to :)

Abhishek said...

Well.. I hope its jus a two in n vintage style... CD changer is a bad...u keep changin those CDs... And I am waiting for the invitation along with my SWATCH :P