Thursday, March 27, 2008

Title thinking in progress

There's a lot to be said about hospitality in Delhi. Having lived in Mumbai for the better part of my life now, i left Delhi and its mentality behind ages ago, got swept into the fast paced, nonchalance of Mumbai life.

The difference was stark, and it hit me hard. I was in Delhi the day holi was celebrated. From the previous day, my aunt and nearly everyone in the house was fervently cleaning the house (so the holi revelry doesnt dirty it?!) making holi food (Dahi Bhallas, Matthi, Gujjias, Shakkarpara etc). This went on for the entire day - i was made to eat dinner in my room since the entire surface area of the dining table (a 12 seater mind you) was covered with food!

Point being, so much trouble was being taken in order to serve the guests that would invariably drop by on Holi. I had my doubts, lookng at the quantity of food that was made. Wrong i was, as
early morning a flood of unidentified people were gathered in the living room. Neighbours, colleagues, friends everyone who knew my aunt and uncle looked like they were present.

I soon caught on to the festivities and reluctantly offered my face to the everyone who was waiting with baited breath. On Holi, a completely untouched, clean person is anyone's most desired bakra. People i did'nt know coloured my face and hair and wished me happy holi. What i enjoyed was the fact that everyone who i dint know, very gently rubbed colour into my face. It was a mix of 'your not supposed to be clean on holi, you ought to be pulverized with colour' and 'i dont know you, so ill be nice, lest you get offended'.

Of course, a seemingly innocent walk outside (to go to the Shiv temple outside) out of sheer naiviete led to a downfall, and i got smattered with more colour. Luckily it was mostly all dry since my refuge was my 6 month old niece who i was thankfully given the responsibility to handle.

Here is what it all leads to. Mumbai festivals. (Categorically speaking of myself here, as many of you might have family and hence celebrate festivals in a big way) I dont have ANY family (other than my folks and sibling) in Mumbai. Like 99% Mumbaikars, i live in a flat system and i dont remember entering any of my neighbours houses. Holi, Diwali and other festivals are subdued, usually small Puja's with four of us at home, followed by the traditonal food.

I have three neighbours - Catholic, Parsi, Parsi and Us. My building is predominantly Catholic/Parsi hence most festival celebrations are somewhat diluted. Although i would like to mention that my catholic neighbours children celebrate Diwali with equal zest.

I loved that people walked in and out of my aunts house in Delhi. I loved that if you dont go visiting your relatives and friends on holi and other festivals, they could be offended. I loved that the dining table was full of oily festival food and that my aunt spent the entire previous day lamenting about what she would do in case she fell short of food (HOW that would have happened considering the quantity of food made was beyond me). but thats Delhi for you. its the 'Beta tumne to kuch khaya hi nahi' (you havent eaten at all) after having eaten like a glutton or 'Yeh to short notice par itna hi kar pai' (in short notice, this is all i could manage) after having served you more food than you couldve eaten on an empty stomach.

I loved that people in Delhi dont necessarily have more time, but they make it. Family, friends, festivities take precendent over clients, deadlines or targets. That sense of longing i felt for that feeling of carefree frolic, of reckless joy, in a room surrounded by mostly strangers (to me) was something i dint know i missed living here.

But I do, and I hate that I know I do. And i hate that wishing doesnt make things better.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chandi chowk mein chandni chamachh se ..something

Im currently in a place i lived in approximately 15 years ago. A place I moved to right after i was born. Delhi. There's SO much more to this post. soon... right now im tired from having -
  • shopped at Chandni chowk
  • eaten at Paratha gulli
  • eaten Dahi Bhalla
  • seen India gate
  • having forgotten my bag in a store and having to make an hour long round trip to go back to the store and having a very nice uncle return it to me (after a mock quiz - what was in the bag, when did u leave it etc)

Tomorrow Connaught place, Nirulas, Lotus temple, Lal quilla possibly.

OOOHH I also travelled the Delhi metro. i pity us poor Mumbaikars travellng like a can of sardines in the heat and crowd of the local trains while Delhiites are way cooler than us in the Delhi metro - neat, clean, AIR CONDITONED, and extremely comfortable. but then thats another post.

Some strange things that have ALREADY happened to me

  • my aunt asks me if i want to eat 'Bhallas' and i was stumped. seriously, Bhallas? and then she gives me this incredulous look -'dude u dont know what bhallas are?' they turned out to be what we know as Dahi wada's (only a nicer version).
  • i asked for 'shakkar' and got asked a question - do u want 'chini' or 'shakkar' . again, stumped. cos according to me theyre the same! one is a powdered form of sugar and the other is cryatallized.

I really must go, tomorrow looks like a nice day. Unfortunately ive been craving some desi tandoori/kebabs type food and all the people i know are veg :( shucks!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

F1 - 2008 is here finallyyyyy

'Its not because of a woman, its because of eleven men'
And to top it off, F1 season kicks off on March 16th, at Melbourne, Australia. Can the 2008 season possibly be as close-fought and competitive as last year? Will anyone step up to challenge Ferrari and McLaren at the front of the field?

Kimi the iceman Raikkonen,to you my support i pledge.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Top of mind

  • Women's day is over-rated. There were 5-7 supplements in the paper just about women. None were a worthwhile read. If women crave equality, why do we need to shout out our little acheivements from rooftops? Apparently Croma electronics, had special womens day offers on printers, scanners, televisions and microwaves. How thoughtfull. Printers scanners and digital cameras are exactly what we crave, and so out of our reach.

  • Vijay Sales has 'SPECIAL OFFER ONLY FOR TODAY, HCL LEAPTOP AT NEVER BEFORE PRICE' (err, last sunday hello!) [umimportant piece of information - I thought Leaptop was a typo until recently i saw a TVC for HCL where they say leaptop!]

  • Kareena Kapoor is annoying me. shes EVERYWHERE. Someone mentioned she's designing clothes for the 'modern woman'. ok people, if your an actress/singer/dancer what qualifies you to be able to design clothes/jewellery/lingerie/perfumes etc. Given shes really worked at her body and deserves credit etc, but do i really need to know if she snubbed someone at a party?

  • ITC is kickin' it! Cigarettes, biscuits, then clothes (Wills Lifestyle), High end perfumes/body lotions etc (Eseenza Di Wills),wafers (Bingo), then Shampoos (Fiama Di wills) and now recenltly soaps (Vivel di wills). Eahc brand launch supported by tremendous advertisements, celebrity endorsements etc. Wayyy to go!

  • Gold has touched at all time high of nearly 13,000 rs for 10 gm. HOLY COW. Get with the program, everything's crashing, you should too.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Never drink beyond the Pint of no return

Saturday night. Henry Tham - veryyy hip club in South Mumbai, frequented by people whose occupation is generally described as 'socialite'. As in Ms. Blah Blah and then written in italics below, Socialite. So what does that qualify her to be? A fashionista? A newspaper column writer?
A social activist? I dont know why Queenie is writing an article in the paper. Ive read it all of once. And as if she wasnt enough, Sapna Bhavnani writes too! Why? cant she just get a blog and write aout her ex husbands and boyfriends and all that jazz on a blog? (disclaimer - no hard feelings about either women here)

Most of us dont even know what these women actually DO! Save for a few renowed names like Sheetal Mafatlal (of the Mafatlal controversy fame) etc, I dont know what say, for eg Queenie Dhodie does for a living. The obvious answer here is, Duh she doesnt have to DO any thing for a living, she just shouts 'money' and some of it falls magically into her lap. hehehe

So coming back to where I started. Henry Tham. The name of the place and the owner. his two sons - Keenan and Rishi (I think) Tham. WOW imagine having a place NAMED after you! With a name like mine, I can expect NO ONE to come. I can also forget about being a designer of any sort, unless i decided to see stuff in an assumed name, or a collection name or something.

Drifting again, I know. This is what comes from a LO-O-O-freaking-O-O-N-G day at work.

So, the point of this WHOLE post was this unbelievable drink i had that night. Since i cant recall the name of the drink, lets call it Whizz daddy. Here;s what i could taste Whisky+cinnamom+cardamom+cloves+brandy. Slightly warm. I-N-S-A-N-E is not even the word for it. The night ended with Bhurji Pav and Bun Maska outside the renowed (!!!!!) Churchgate station.
Another pointer - the bartender makes a MEAN mojito, and ALL the starters are brilliant. (disclaimer - only advised when completely loaded with cash and/or freakishly rich to care anyway). The better part of the evening was that I was treated. no birthday, no nothing. Just like that :) y-i-p-p-e-e.
All that post over nothing na? ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Errr... OK

Understood? Do not pluck flowers, plastics, or throw rabit in the sea.

Monday, March 3, 2008

This Baby is M-I-N-E!!!!

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T8100(2.10GHz), 200 GB HDD, 2GB SDRAM, 128 MB Dedicated Video Ram, 2.5 kgs weight, Intel® Wireless WiFi Link, DVD RW Combo, Graphics Accelerator
ATI Mobility Radeon™ X2300 .

These are the specs that i understand and which make a difference to me :)

This baby is sizzling Red, and currently the L-O-V-E of my life. Now all i need is to think of a name for her. Suggestions welcome.