Monday, March 10, 2008

Top of mind

  • Women's day is over-rated. There were 5-7 supplements in the paper just about women. None were a worthwhile read. If women crave equality, why do we need to shout out our little acheivements from rooftops? Apparently Croma electronics, had special womens day offers on printers, scanners, televisions and microwaves. How thoughtfull. Printers scanners and digital cameras are exactly what we crave, and so out of our reach.

  • Vijay Sales has 'SPECIAL OFFER ONLY FOR TODAY, HCL LEAPTOP AT NEVER BEFORE PRICE' (err, last sunday hello!) [umimportant piece of information - I thought Leaptop was a typo until recently i saw a TVC for HCL where they say leaptop!]

  • Kareena Kapoor is annoying me. shes EVERYWHERE. Someone mentioned she's designing clothes for the 'modern woman'. ok people, if your an actress/singer/dancer what qualifies you to be able to design clothes/jewellery/lingerie/perfumes etc. Given shes really worked at her body and deserves credit etc, but do i really need to know if she snubbed someone at a party?

  • ITC is kickin' it! Cigarettes, biscuits, then clothes (Wills Lifestyle), High end perfumes/body lotions etc (Eseenza Di Wills),wafers (Bingo), then Shampoos (Fiama Di wills) and now recenltly soaps (Vivel di wills). Eahc brand launch supported by tremendous advertisements, celebrity endorsements etc. Wayyy to go!

  • Gold has touched at all time high of nearly 13,000 rs for 10 gm. HOLY COW. Get with the program, everything's crashing, you should too.


Anonymous said...

Well I have to agree with it. It is more of marketing gimmic.

Gold rates..hummm..wondering whether it will make any difference to those flithy rich south indians who buy gold in kgs. :-(

I am almost agreeing with all of the points. I find her so damn irritating from the moment i saw her blabbering constantly in JWM. Not that she was any good before :P

P.S : Good to see you are ROCKING !! :D

Serendipity said...

Its even better to see you back!! I thought you'd never get back from your break! :)

Abhishek said...

Well buyin gold is not a bad idea... one of sthe reasons the US of A is finding it hard to fight the recession is lack of gold in the country... by tat standards...we wuld never have a recession!

And I don like Kareena a bit! Shes too artificial and too snobbish for all that supposed good looks shes got!

Anonymous said...

See Here

Ashwin said...

Ms Kapoor is only now beginning to annoy you?

On an unrelated (well, sort of related) note, I find the Bingo ad quite silly too - the one with the pregnant woman and a bunch of "scientists"

Serendipity said...

what! i find that ad hilarious!!! :) it just grows on you. just thinking of that scientist kissing that other scientist on the forehead and declaring his pregnant spilts me up!!!

Jack Sparrow said...

I haven't seen this ad ... shall see if it's around on YouTube ! Sounds extremely intriguing !

And btw ... I don't understand why you're bashing the Women's day sales on electronics. Considering your last purchase was an extremely sweet laptop ! :P I'm sure most people are happy just because its a sale ! Also, I wonder if the sale applies to both men and women ... ?

Rach said...


This post surely rocked!!.. the whole satire and examples (with ur special comments on it)were just too good !

HATE Kapoor to even discuss her... but loved the Bingo ad, too!!

Just imagine, if some psychos moved about declaring everyone preggies... lolz

Good one gal!

Serendipity said...

errr Jack, i dint get any discount on my laptop. :(

Rach - lol! that would be crazy :)

Jack Sparrow said...

That's not the point :) The point is women ARE, in fact, interested in electronics (just as they CAN ACTUALLY read maps). So a Women's day sale on electronics does make sense :) Coz I'm sure there are more than enough ladies out there who'd take advantage of it. The sad part is you wouldn't get a discount on a Vaio ! Ah well, them's the breaks !

Just another Indian said...

and what has this turned into ... ?? Aaj Tak ??