Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chandi chowk mein chandni chamachh se ..something

Im currently in a place i lived in approximately 15 years ago. A place I moved to right after i was born. Delhi. There's SO much more to this post. soon... right now im tired from having -
  • shopped at Chandni chowk
  • eaten at Paratha gulli
  • eaten Dahi Bhalla
  • seen India gate
  • having forgotten my bag in a store and having to make an hour long round trip to go back to the store and having a very nice uncle return it to me (after a mock quiz - what was in the bag, when did u leave it etc)

Tomorrow Connaught place, Nirulas, Lotus temple, Lal quilla possibly.

OOOHH I also travelled the Delhi metro. i pity us poor Mumbaikars travellng like a can of sardines in the heat and crowd of the local trains while Delhiites are way cooler than us in the Delhi metro - neat, clean, AIR CONDITONED, and extremely comfortable. but then thats another post.

Some strange things that have ALREADY happened to me

  • my aunt asks me if i want to eat 'Bhallas' and i was stumped. seriously, Bhallas? and then she gives me this incredulous look -'dude u dont know what bhallas are?' they turned out to be what we know as Dahi wada's (only a nicer version).
  • i asked for 'shakkar' and got asked a question - do u want 'chini' or 'shakkar' . again, stumped. cos according to me theyre the same! one is a powdered form of sugar and the other is cryatallized.

I really must go, tomorrow looks like a nice day. Unfortunately ive been craving some desi tandoori/kebabs type food and all the people i know are veg :( shucks!


Aditya said...

Enjoy being a tourist there, SoBo girl. Don't plan on settling there... you'll never get used to it :)

Ashwin said...

Hmmm... I have heard a lot about the Delhi metros. I have also heard a lot about Delhi in general. And although I like the Delhi metros (without having seen it (not even gogoled for it's fotoos)), I think I like Bombay better. Hmmp!

Psyched said...


we did manage everything else but the lal qilla...ryt

hope u had some fun in our city...

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Dusty Fog said...

have a good holiday champ...: )