Friday, March 7, 2008

Never drink beyond the Pint of no return

Saturday night. Henry Tham - veryyy hip club in South Mumbai, frequented by people whose occupation is generally described as 'socialite'. As in Ms. Blah Blah and then written in italics below, Socialite. So what does that qualify her to be? A fashionista? A newspaper column writer?
A social activist? I dont know why Queenie is writing an article in the paper. Ive read it all of once. And as if she wasnt enough, Sapna Bhavnani writes too! Why? cant she just get a blog and write aout her ex husbands and boyfriends and all that jazz on a blog? (disclaimer - no hard feelings about either women here)

Most of us dont even know what these women actually DO! Save for a few renowed names like Sheetal Mafatlal (of the Mafatlal controversy fame) etc, I dont know what say, for eg Queenie Dhodie does for a living. The obvious answer here is, Duh she doesnt have to DO any thing for a living, she just shouts 'money' and some of it falls magically into her lap. hehehe

So coming back to where I started. Henry Tham. The name of the place and the owner. his two sons - Keenan and Rishi (I think) Tham. WOW imagine having a place NAMED after you! With a name like mine, I can expect NO ONE to come. I can also forget about being a designer of any sort, unless i decided to see stuff in an assumed name, or a collection name or something.

Drifting again, I know. This is what comes from a LO-O-O-freaking-O-O-N-G day at work.

So, the point of this WHOLE post was this unbelievable drink i had that night. Since i cant recall the name of the drink, lets call it Whizz daddy. Here;s what i could taste Whisky+cinnamom+cardamom+cloves+brandy. Slightly warm. I-N-S-A-N-E is not even the word for it. The night ended with Bhurji Pav and Bun Maska outside the renowed (!!!!!) Churchgate station.
Another pointer - the bartender makes a MEAN mojito, and ALL the starters are brilliant. (disclaimer - only advised when completely loaded with cash and/or freakishly rich to care anyway). The better part of the evening was that I was treated. no birthday, no nothing. Just like that :) y-i-p-p-e-e.
All that post over nothing na? ;)


Farcenal said...

Vacuous but enjoyable.

I take it 'page 3' is what you look forward to reading every morning then ;)

Serendipity said...

yes. Bombay times is SUCH an informative, educative andf insightful newspaper


Anonymous said...

so it b'lore times...even though not as spicy as bombay times :P

Farcenal said...

I find it amazing how 'news'papers such as Bombay Times, Bangalore Times, etc... stay in business. Or are allowed to!

I mean, does anybody even care who was at who's party with who? All page 3 does is make me feel inadequate, as beautiful people walk around in fancy clothes.

Serendipity said...

a friend aptly described it once as 'a good paper to read on the pot' (also the M'bai Mirror) since its got no reading as such, only pictures, and takes 5 mins to skim through. hehe

Serendipity said...

dont forget, who else would tell us about what Kareena Kapoor thinks of Bipasha Basu's new hairdo and who almost wore the same thing twice and who went to two parties in the same day and .. and... (asleep)

The Nomad said...

Er ... Sapna Bhavnani is a hairdresser(celebrity hairdresser) and a pretty good one ... was my hairdresser till I ditched her for yours :D

Serendipity said...

hehehe THAT m'dearie was a brilliant move :)

Rach said...


does ANYONE... have a vague clue as to what Kishen Mulchandani does for a living?!

I mean, for Gods sake, read and seen him more than our Prez!! and yet am clueless..

@Serendipity - U made me laugh on a boorish and sad day.. need i say more? :)