Thursday, August 7, 2008

Driving, Drivin in your car...

If your driving me, here's a heads up on some do's and dont's. Applicable for EVERYONE.
  • Dont drive at 40kmph if the road is empty. Revv up the engine and GOO! Cabbies especially, it is excrutiatingly difficult to be in a hot stuffy cab if your driving so slow that i could jog faster.
  • Make sure the wipers work. In case of friends, let me work the wiper, i LOVE doing that (its a thing). If your a cabbie, just make sure the ONE LONE wiper you guys generally have only on the drivers side of the windshield is not too loose, not too tight and you dont have to prod it with a stick every once in a while.
  • Always have tissues!
  • If you dont have auto lock, TELL ME. Most cars today generally do, and if we (I) forget and conveniently walk out, its not our (my) fault. :)
  • If your playing Music, let it PLAY! Dont rewind and forward and repeat and skip till I box you.
  • In case your a cabbie, please give up on getting the EXACT frequency of the radio station, cause face it, each time we go over a speedbreaker the receptions gonna crack. Lets just go with peace and quiet. Unless its raining, in which case feel free to play old hindi songs. :)


Scarlett said...

Lol...I was going to write on cabbies too!!

Serendipity said...

Good i got there first. you keep copying me :D:D

Anonymous said...

Noted Ma'am. Mez very much alive and kicking :D

Abhishek said...

When did u start getting so fussy???? And which cabbiewala 'bhaiyya' annoyed u?

Aditya said...

I was going to write about driving too! :)

But the arrival of FM stations is a boon for us. I was once forced to listen to the song "Kem Chhe" in a cab. It was so horrid I couldn't tell him to turn it off!

And YOU should always check the locks. Even with central locking!

Jack Sparrow said...

I don't get the auto locking bit ... ? What inspired that particular comment ? And why do YOU want to work the wipers in someone else's car ?

I agree with Abhi ... very fussy indeed ! :P

Although I do agree with the part about the music. It drives me nuts when someone skips between songs and radio stations at a ridiculous pace, without even letting ONE song play. Geez.

Abhishek said...

@ Jack

Ya rite...and it was ok for you to fiddle with my car deck to play the same song like 10 times, so one guy could get totally frustrateD??? :P

The knife said...

Drinking and driving is sick. i don't take my car anywhere if I know I am going to have a drink...but the taxis here are sicker...I drool whenever I go to the far east and see their cabs...I thought Meru would be a boon but the f'ing b's are too price any you just don't get them. One thing which struck me when i cam to Bombay from Cal years back was no taxi/ auto refusals. That's changed today