Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A matter of Conscience

Last night as I walked out of Yoko's - a popular sizzler joint in town, something i will not forget anytime soon happened.

As we parked, just outside our car, lying on the pavement was a man drunk and passed out on the ground. I missed noticing him at the time since Mumbai is full of pavement dwellers, random people grabbing a wink on the footpath and the likes.

However, when we returned from dinner, and as I got into the car, I noticed another man opening this persons back pocket and trying to pry the wallet out. By then we (3 girls, 2 boys) were all in the car, and I had surmised that this person was trying to steal this drunkards wallet (and later i realized, shoes as well).

Since this was about one foot away from our car, this man noticed and at that time generally looked away so we dint think he was being suspicious. He also pulled his hand away from the other mans pocket (who was still passed out) which led us to believe that he could be his companion, or friend.

Once we started our car and began to pull away, I saw that this man quickly put his hand back into the drunk mans pocket, pulled the wallet out, changed into his shoes and very inconspicuously shuffled away. Seeing which i immediately almost yelled, and we stopped the car.

The drunk guy was still in an inebriated state... he would have woken up today finding his wallet (whatever little money would be inside) as well as his shoes missing. We could do nothing about it... since he was drunk, the other guy looked very suspicious,and could have had a gang, we were three women after all --- all those reasons. Still...

I couldn't get that image out of my mind for a long time - and still cant. I hope that the person who was drunk and passed out to an extent that someone could come and open his trouser button, take out his wallet, shoes and whatever he had on this person, learns a lesson and learns the limit. I also hope some luck comes his way and he doesn't have mouths to feed.


Dusty Fog said...

The drunk guy may or may not have learned his lesson - I am sincerely hoping we all do though.

Nirav said...

If indeed he was drunk out, then he deserves no sympathy. I just hope he hadn't generally passed out due to illness or something... in that case it's quite unfortunate

Ashwin said...

Hah! Drunk people are almost always interesting stories.

Farcenal said...

I suppose its down to how much you want to reach outside your bubble. I know I would have gotten out and asked that man what he was doing. By the look in his eyes alone you would probably have been to tell what was going on.

Blame must also fall upon the wasted guy. Don't mix drinks, kids.

I suppose it's a dog eat dog world and all that. Maybe the thief had mouths to feed?