Thursday, August 21, 2008

Offer me a rainbow

What is this phenomena of thinking in terms of blog posts, but when u click on 'edit posts' your face is a big white blank? In due course of time, someone should coin a term for it.

Its not even the lack of events that one has nothing to blog about. currently one would want pace of life to slow down a little as overwhelmingness could take over soon. Too much to do, too many decisions to make, too many webs to unentangle, and as is always the case, far far too less time.

What is is about inertia that just fogs your mind? I feel as though the amount of inertia is directly proportionate to the importance and time-crunched-ness of the situation. The bigger decisions and things of greater urgency I need to do, the more my usual proactive self takes a backseat.
Where is the dynamic-self-confident-sorted-out avatar when one needs it?!!

Add to that, one gets a horoscope saying "What are your goals in life? You might benefit from taking some time to write them down this week. Perhaps you'd like to find your soul mate, reach the top of your company, or lose a few pounds. But you can have the loftiest ideals in the world and not have the faintest notion of the first step to take! " Who asked Astocenter anyway. Even they know i need to figure out my life! Gah!! #$%^&@#

Add to the already unrequired inertia are things which one doesnt need - a familiar voice best left unheard, a relative with questions rather left unanswered, and conversations of matrimony when current mindspace is allergic to all of the above.

Aformentioned setbacks notwithstanding, Today I plan to make a note. Of the things I need to do. And action it. I think its my blogs fault. I used to have a diary in which I would actually write nearly each day, and make notes and pointers and felt guilty if I didnt do-a-to-do. This blog business is all public and all and then the concept is 'whats there, ill do it at some point'. no one makes me feel guilty about it. My diary was my friend. with real angry faces when i didnt do-the-to-do. lol.

So here's to 'The List'. (Currently there are two in my life - the one I will make today and the one in the book im reading - P.S. I love you.)

Why am I reading P.S. I love you? I needed to read a nice sweet book to tell me love exists and butterflies in stomach are real ... and in the first page i find out that HE DIES. Thank you Author woman. So much for my nice sweet love story, should've bought a Mills n Boon. 'A Special sort of man', 'Promise of passion', 'Love on loan' sound good to you?!! LOL!!


Scarlett said...

One thing at a time, darling. One thing at a time :) Remember the theory of 'compartmentalization' when it comes to dealing with your personal life?

Psyched said...

who better to comment on wreckage than me...

i'm in total agreement with Scarlett's comment...

just start with a 2+2.... before you start to solve the more difficult ones...

but do it slowly, go one by one


Serendipity said...

@ Scarlett - your using my line on me? :) grrrr

@ Psyched - wreckage? nonono!! never that bad. :)
all the smiles right back at 'ya

Jack Sparrow said...

Short answers:
1. It's been the story of your life I think - always having to juggle way too many things. Too many balls in the air at the same time. Inertia occurs because you don't know which ball is most important. Pause and take a breath.
2. Let's not get started on horoscopes.
3. Yes, it does exist re. Butterflies in stomach are real. You've felt it before. You'll feel it again.
3. And finally, I agree with Scarlett. Get back to compartmentalizing :) It helped you through a lot before, and it will work again.

Also, wtf is "Love on loan" ?! Geez.

Scarlett said...

See, everyone agrees with me. I'm so smart...I always say sensible things. So...YOU get back to 'compartmentalizing'. Lol...Love,

Aurora said...

My friends and I would borrow Mills and Boon books from the library and then find the pages with the sex scenes and take turns reading them out loud with as much emotion as possible. Try it. Nothing makes you giggle sooner or harder. :D