Monday, March 23, 2009

Things are heatin' up Aamchi Mumbai. Temperatures are soaring through the roof, Its too hot to walk out in a pair of denims without feeling like they'll fuse into my skin and someone will have to perform surgical separation procedures to rid my legs of them.

And its not even April yet! For Chrissakes. We hardly had an itsy bitsy twopence excuse for a winter, isn't it fair to apply the same logic to summers? Why is it that winters can come and go with shoddy excuses, and summers descend upon us as though someone up there's unleashing his ferocious wrath, the intensity of which decides fate of his appraisals? Some mercy, please. Really, there's only so much heat that train-travelling, dust and smoke enduring, road rage containing Mumbaikars can take, without being in a foul mouthed mood for the rest of the day.

My skin is in a lesser co-operative mood during summers, tanning, freckling, frequent breakouts and general foul temper inducing incidents. How I can be dehydrated after guzzling more than 2 -3 litres of water a day still eludes me. Where does it all go? (No, wait I know the answer to that). Im in critically near hair-chopping long locks, cultivated after years of looking like a cross dresser at parties. (What can a girl possibly wear to a club/disc with hair shorter than some men in her group, other than shorts. And Weddings. YIKES) and then I think NO, ill endure.
I'm ranting, I know. There's only so much rant about the weather that people around me can take :D


Anonymous said...

I hear you. I was there in my native last summer when temprature reached 44-45 and there was load shedding of 5 hours daily. Can you imagine ? The hot boiling tap water; sweat dripping and burning your own skin and no sun screen works :-| I was trying to run for life literally !! :(

Anonymous said...

btw you can take this opportunity to unwind and head the hills ;)

snow said...

i can take any type of weather except summers -- heat makes me go all cranky lol i was there in delhi for summer 07, damn that was harsh! :(

(right now, it's nice n sunny here, with 1C, so very spring-ish) :D :P :P

eye-in-sty-in said...

yeah.. my friends in bombay told me about the heat! Its terrible! Perhaps an ice-gola or a snow cone might help :D And hey, u can always go short n wear minis! Its the guys who have to endure the denims :P

Tongue-fu Lady said...

My current location makes Siberia the best place on earth. Atleast you had insy-winsy winter, I totally forgot what winters are! :D

hitch writer said...

amazingly i have been reading about so many bloggers welcoming spring in the Uk...

I mentioned there as well... kindly take some sun from here too... lol

we miss winters & they miss summers... but think of the ice creams, the nimboo paani's, the ice gola's, the mango !!!! whew... summers not that bad eh !

Ashwin said...

I now have to double the number of baths per day. seriously... who bathes twice a day. sheesh!

Soul Searcher said...

One of the nicer rants I have read on how the weather gets under your skin and on your nerves.

After spending a winter where it was -30 degress celsius before returning home, I can empathize with you on our lack of a decent winter.

Piper .. said...

Oh God! And I`m a planning a trip back home next week! :(

Serendipity said...

Hi SS - I cant imagine 44 degres. i can barely deal with 40. :( and ya, trips are in the offing!

Hiya snow - Run. Run for your life ;) u asked for it!

@eye-in - yezz! trip to parlour this sunday ensured the wearing of such attire for the next sometime (if u know what i mean ;))

@ TFL - down south? Damn, thats much worse. come to Mumbai! :)

@Hitch - absolutely. My fridge is never short of said goodies in this time. :D

Hi Ashwin! where've u been? BLOG!
And u took only one bath a day before this? err. :D

Hi Soulsearcher - Thangyewverymujh :)

Hi Piper - your coming? u gonna be in Mumbai? lemme know :D