Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sitcom scripts anyone?

In conversation with uber-cool girlfriend Ap.

Me - Damn, its 2009 already!
Ap - yep, so!
Me - Its freaky no? All our textbooks and all used to have dates for future stories like 'In 2011 robots roamed the earth' That's 2 years away!
Ap - lol.
Me - Dude, its gonna be 2020 soon.
Ap - (Laughing) SHUT UP.

#2 *Not sure how the conversation got here, but money matters and bags were being discussed.
Me - I don't know, I cant imagine owning a LVuitton worth lakhs of rupees. I'd *lust* for one but I don't think ill ever want (read:afford) one. No, make that for sure.
Ap - ya me neither. I don't think Ill buy one even when I can afford it.
*a half minute later*
Ap - Okay maybe one
*a half minute later*
Ap - No, OK maybe two. But two only definitely.

L and me taking each others cases. As we're talking (arguing) I am also sms'ing. Lots of semi insulting, poking fun of each other type statements later..
L - I hate you!
Me (distractedly) - That makes two of us. (assuming, for some reason that meant that I hate him too)
L - (Bursts out laughing) I WIN! I WIN this argument.

#5 Dad with a really really bad backache laments about giving in to the pain and succumbing to taking a pain killer.
Mom - Sure, take a combiflam/voveron. But don't drink tonight.
Dad - Ill take one tomorrow, I'm feeling a bit better


Aniket said...

Where did #3 go??? :)

# 1: I still belive aliens would invade us by 2020 and then I wish robots shall walk the earth! Amen!

# 2: I have a friend who started the LVuitton Bag purchase relief fund. :) I donated $10 for her. :) (Well, every bit counts right?)

# 4: 1-0 hmmm for L... you've still got a chance... may be in alternate universe! lolzz

# 5: I so used to do that (only in my case it was Milk :P) I used to say 'am having headache so I can't study', and then Mom would ask me to drink 'Haldi wala Milk'... I HATED it!!!

Nice post!! :)

Aniket said...

PS: Ap looks does look like an Uber cool person.

And if you think I am writing another comment just because I missed out to click on the 'subscribe by email' link then....well then you are right! :)

perplexed said...

where's #3?? and about the LVuittons.. I know that feeling exactly!! Have had a similar convo with a friend except that it ended with.. "I don't care..If i don make it big enough to afford one, I might just as well kill someone for the money!"

snow said...

#1 i know, time flew eh? haha i so know #2, we hve this convo every other weekend, friends going to mall together to keep a tab on each other which ends in all of us overspending lol

so, who stole script #3?

Rohini said...

LOL! Funny!

Anonymous said...

I wish I can have atleast two of theose BV knot clutches .....**drools **

One day...yeah one day...

Piper .. said...

ha ha! the last one was hilarious! I`m still smiling :):) and yeah, I`m back.. :)

Serendipity said...

@ Aniket, snow - #3 was an error, i forgot to put it! on a related note, a few things happend which could qualify to be #6 and #7 :D
Subscribe by email? I have that option on? i have that option? :D

Hieya snow :D lol. its awesome. specially being women and having the most absurd reasons for wanting to shop.

hoy Pplxd - ohno! kill? :D {shudders} loll A (GUY) friend askd me what does one keep in the leiber miniaudieres (which cost 3500-6000$) cos they look big enough to carry only coins and keys. :D

Ro - thanks :)

SS - For me, a Hobo. :) i LOVE big bags.

@ Piper - yay! hope alls well? must reply to email:)

Aniket said...

Oh yes you do,and yes you do! :-D

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