Sunday, March 8, 2009

Putting Life in a Whole new Perspective

Not so bright but very early (for me) on a saturday morning I set off to Goregaon. An hour's journey from my house, to go to our Pavement school initiative. I came away spellbound, blown away and slightly mellow.

It was a delightful sight. 70+ kids of varying ages, all sprawled out on Chataai's simultaneously bringing chaos and cheer on a regular ordinary footpath. For the space of those 2 hours every few days, that Footpath is actually a school, or tuition (as some kids call it).

I reached armed with pencils, erasers and crayon boxes for all, which we'll distribute when we get an arts and crafts session organised. (There's one in the offing I'm told). Priyanka, Sumita and Kiran were already there, to see an overexcited me jump off my rickshaw.

The before picture -

The After pictures -

My friend Karthik (who came!!)sitting with the kids, giving them scary sums which they woud come to me for help with, with big eyes 'Teacher Teacher yeh sum mujhe nahi aa raha' accompanied with a sad face. Yep, we were 'Teachers' for a day!

Parul sent them pichkaris, colour and gujjias to play holi today, which I could'nt attend. Pictures on indiahelps as soon as Priyanka put them up!

On another note - Karthik's begun his own initiative - Mumbai Rewind. Its a brilliant initiative--- go check it out, and leave him a few words!

1 Haircut - 850 Rs.

1 Wasabi Martini at Wink - 750 Rs.

200 pencils, 60 erasers, 75 boxes of crayons and 150 Melody sweets - 850 Rs.


hitch writer said...

Hey thats a great initiative !!

nobel cause !!

God Bless you !

snow said...

that's a really cool project u involved with, keep posting :) such posts are refreshing to read.. makes one believe in good

Piper .. said...

what an excellent way to make a difference! :):)

Quiz_Master said...

Awesome Work!


Anonymous said...

awesum work !!!
many people talk about wanting to make a difference .. but very few actually find a way to do it !!
Kudos to u guys :)

Serendipity said...

Thanks :) though im not doing much... its all set up and we're just helpng out.

The Nomad said...

You, ditcher, you!

Farcenal said...

Dear Serendipity,
In my moving of countries, I had forgotten about your blog but I'm glad I found it again! You're doing great work - and equally good writing! There's hope for young India yet!

I miss Bombay loads!


Serendipity said...

Hi Shravan! Glad your back. Why'd u stop updating!

Serendipity said...

Nomad - iwuvyewsomujh. :D

Farcenal said...

Life wasn't inspiring enough, for a little while. Now it's back to normal.

Serendipity said...

Goodie. need more? Join us!

Farcenal said...

My plans for improving my country are more, how shall we put it, long-term?

i) Get my degree
ii) Come back to India
iii) Start/join a micro-finance firm
iv) Work.

Goofy Mumma said...

That is all? Just Rs.850. man I want to contribute. really really do!!