Tuesday, March 17, 2009

19th Nov. Did you know?

I was a tad miffed since last week, when women's day was celebrated with much grandeur. Amidst centre page folds of articles luring us to go shop till we drop, book tickets, massages, month long slimming packages at half prices and other luxurious (un)necessities because apparently we deserved them.

I take a break, Ladies and Gentlemen from my usual male bashing, to raise a toast. To our other halves. The one's which don't have a BIG celebratory day. The one's that deserve one. The key peg to most women's day articles is that 'we deserve it' because 'She's a mother, sister, wife, daughter, homemaker, etc rolled into one' While I don't deny this, and am in complete awe of working women in Mumbai, and across the world really, who juggle careers and kids with equal aplomb, and even women who give up flourishing careers for their family, I do think that it isn't quite fair.

After all for every female relationship/responsibility there is a Male Equivalent isn't there? They're Fathers and brothers, sons, Chief wage earners (in most cases), Husbands...too! Sometimes I feel as though Women's day is just a blatant discrimination, a declaration of being the fairer and weaker sex, one that needs to be reminded of how special and wonderful she is and appreciated time and again.

International Men's day, (title of post) comes and goes without much of a mention. How many reading this even know the date, before clicking on the link above? This day remains largely unnoticed, While its counterpart, the women's day has metamorphosed into a somewhat valentines day like affair. Why do we celebrate it again? Seems to me that we have a day for ALMOST every relation Man has ever coined. Lets see now. Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Teachers, Bosses, (Grandmothers and Grandfathers fall in the existent Mothers and Father days), Uncle and Aunt days , PHEW. We ought to club them ALL together, and label is Humans day or some generic term like that.

Moving on from labeling days, I was reading a very amusing post on PMS and how only men seem to be the secondary afflicted victims. Women being the primary victims of course. While I do agree that those days are indeed terrible, and I would PAY a man to endure them, wax, thread various inconspicuous corners of ones body, it is indeed alarming that we do inflict our ghastly mood and consequent PMS related tantrums and emotional vacillations more so on men. Do you remember being nasty to your girl-friend? Or Mother? Nah, its the boyfriends/Husbands that get it. (and HOW). God forbid they reach ten mins later than decided time or agree that you do look like you've piled on a few pounds. My most sincere wishes are with the poor fools who do.

This is therefore, a toast. To the men in our lives, who withstand our hormonal mood swings, neurotic demands, incessant questions, bad hair days, bad shoe days, bad any days, broken nail days, upset over nothing but still deserve sympathy days, and still manage to infuse a semblance of rationality, peace and stability in our lives. Dad, I don't know how you manage being the only man in the house when Lil brothers away. I can barely live with myself. Your living with almost two of me.

For the big, protective and all empowering, re-strengthening hugs, and the untiring thankless providing for, celebrating our successes, for a steady calm voice in the most tumultuous of circumstances, and dropping us home however late it is (and however far you stay), pretending your interested in knowing the difference between a halter and a tube, and obliging us by watching a chick flick just because we spend lots of time making cute faces. This is to Daddy, my brother, and all my friends- from engineering, my first and second workplace. Most of whom don't have my blog link, but hope, know how much they mean to me. You guys, are truly inspiring.
Disclaimer - No man has paid me to write this. Im still on our side. Just taking a break.


hitch writer said...

We are inspiring ?? **Awestruck**

gee... lol....

lol at the disclaimer !!

and i am first ... yay yay !!! back to being number one !

Serendipity said...

hahha! well, yeah. Im sure ur kiddo says so too right?

Tongue-fu Lady said...
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Tongue-fu Lady said...

Actually we should celebrate something like WoW-Men's Day dedicated to all the men who has wowed us at some point of our lives =D

Aniket said...

Hear hear!!! :)

Finally someone acknowledges, not all men are blokes... well most of us are! :)

"hormonal mood swings, neurotic demands, incessant questions, bad hair days, bad shoe days, bad any days, broken nail days, upset over nothing but still deserve sympathy days" - ROFl.... I've seen plenty of those except for the broken nail days (or may be I didnt realise it :) )

Hi Five for the disclaimer! :)
(Btw... come on, how much did you charge?? i won't tell anyone? lolzzz)

snow said...

LOL seriously this was such a surprise post lol "auntanduncleday" u kiddin right? *going to google dates for daughter/sister/girlfriend day* as if women's day wasn't enough hehehe ;-)

Smita said...


Loved the post!!! Even I was mighty miffed with the hopallah around so called W-Day.

As Aniket says, not all Men are blokes and it is time we realise that to come up it isn't necesarry to pull others down ;-)

Piper .. said...

:):) seriously didnt know there was a Men`s Day! Never wondered about it either! :):) Now that I do, I`m raising a toast to the special Men in my life! :):)

Aditya said...

Okay, okay, my dear... what is it that you want me to do?

Serendipity said...

Hi Tongue-fu lady! (psst, i totally love your name!) WOW-mens day sounds good. Its a deal. when to do? :)

@Aniket - u shamless rascal. dhokebaaz, jhute, makkar. first you force me to accept a bribe to write this, then you pretend u dont know anything about it. your deat meat busterr. :D

Hiya Snow - there is a daughters and sons day. I made my mum alst year take me to a movie cos she always gets things on mothers day :) DAMN, I FORGOT THERE IS CHILDRENS day too!think ill edit post.

Hi Smita - rightyo! didja go ze men in your life that? :)

Holla Piper - good girl. Now buy the G a present too :D

@ Adi - Wait, ill send you my wishlist url on Amazon RIGGHHTT AWAY :)

Aniket said...

Two can play at that game :) :

The best ones i've got are..

"Chor, daku, lutere, pocketmar, jeb-katre, nar-pishaach, amanush, padbhrasht insaan, mudhcheta-nradham, lampat" lolz

"gandi naali mein pade khatmal maarne ki dawai ki botal ke jung lage hue dhakkan"

"kachde ke dibbe mein munh dale hue rabies hue kutte ki gandi poonch ke nakli baal"

"100 acre ke kabristaan mein padi hui iqlaauti lash ke pet mein pade hue sade hue mare hue bacteria" :) :)

See i've had my fair share of appreciation! :)

Serendipity said...

Ohmygod!! Hahaha Im actually at a loss for response!

Aniket said...

:) :)

dipali said...

Great idea!