Friday, September 28, 2007

One of them not so good days

I have come to realize that on days when im not having a particularly great day, I feel as though all of mother nature’s forces are conspiring against me and what shall become of my day. At the risk of sounding like im rambling (which I am) I’ll say that we should be allowed to take days off simply on the pretext of “not a good day”. Its only fair. Our companies owe us that it puts up with our mood swings too. I feel this will boost employee morale, make them happier and maybe even reduce the riotous proportions that attrition has now assumed. Lol.

Im a fairly optimistic person and can generally smile through most events that happen. Inconsistencies of life bemuse me and I don’t shy away from what I set myself up for, or don’t, or what’s thrown at me whether or not I deserve it anyway. I mean that’s what life’s all about isn’t it? Dealing with speed breakers and pot holes and flying objects out of nowhere that you dint expect and still come out standing.

Anyway im gonna stop sounding like a wet blanket now and get a move on things. The Nomad has very sweetly provided me with the cd’s of Gone with the wind (read it, not watched it) and Little Miss Sunshine (not watched this one either). Im also mid way through The Fine Balance am thoroughly engrossed though reading it right now is just making things seem bleaker than they are.

Sunshine - thanks for leaving that really sweet comment. Im just missing my little kid brother whose not too well and away at boarding. This is him all of 7 years old posing for a passport photo. How I wish I could turn back time.

And Jack - How can someone be so nice? I dint comment on your post simply because i couldnt. Someone saw that post at work and told me I'm lucky cos "men are generally jerks". lol


Anonymous said...

@S: This is the Sweet post and stright from heart.
I can absolutely relate to the "concern sister" in you. Dont worry all things will fall in place just they were before.

God prolly creates these days so that we learn to value the good days !!

take care and sending lots of sunshine+hugs+cheer your way :)

P.S: how I wish I could empty my heart like this ...but can't :(

Dusty Fog said...

perfect day to feel the way you are....the weekend then assumes terrific significance....whatever it is....shall pass....and I am certain to see the ultra content mumbaiya that i so admire, back in good form...have a lovely weekend...!!

Abhishek said...

Nice cute photo!!! Btw who was that friend of ur bro who used to look like Mr.Denver???

Jack Sparrow said...

Being nice isn't always enough ... you know that as well as I do.

I hope he's doing better.

@ Abhi: Donovan ?

Serendipity said...

Hi Sunshine! lol.. In hindsight, bad days seem worse than they actually are :)

@Dusty - She's back in action already. Wathced 300. LOVED IT!

@Abhi - Donovan!!

@Jack - S'not good enough, but its half the battle won. :)

The Nomad said...

Yay!!You've watched two of my favorite-est movies!We will of course, discuss them to death but also on both Gone With the Wind and 300 .... post mangta hai!!!

Anonymous said...

@S : you bet they do !! but in fact they are nt just that bad :) Prolly it is some additonal accessories intense their existance !!

hope u had good wkend :)

Rach said...

heya gal.... hapened to glance through ur blog..

loved this post...guess we all go thru such mood swings.... but liked ur attitude in the post, even more....

Keep Blogging

Cheers :)