Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman, We are the T20 World CHAMPIONS!!

For all those who thought we could'nt - WE DID. Putting into words yesterdays match or the hopes that were riding on it is IMPOSSIBLE.

It was a FEAST for the watchers - unpredictably predictable (India -Pak are always a roller coaster). ROCKING ROLLING. SURELY WINNING. almost lost. GOT BACK INTO IT. SIX SIX FOUR. maybe we'll lose. Wicket. Wicket. MAYBE. JUST MAYBE.SIX. oh my god.

Last over. COME ON INDIA. Hearts pacing. Everyone on their feet. DOT BALL. come on. come on. Fingers tracing GANESH pendant. Drink spilling. HAND HOLDING. almost won. NEARLY lost. wicket. did u say wicket?? wicket. wicket. ohmygod. wicket. WICKET! We won!!

Chest Pumping EVERYONE HUGGING. Thanking the Almighty. We WON. :)

Cricket in India isnt only about our team winning, its in the eyes of the people - the one's that did not watch the match out of superstition ( namely, my folks among many others, who sincerely believe that whenever they watch a match, we lose), wore the same clothes or sat in the same position for three hours, its in the love of the liftmen/watchmen and cab drivers who were huddled close to the transistor waiting ardently for that magical moment. In the sound of the crackers lit by the chawl outside my house in sheer celebration. In the hearts of the country who goes to great lenghts too see us win.

Many thanks to our office admin team who sent us an email saying we could leave at 4.00 p.m yesterday :)
Renewed interest and female fan frenzy are the least of the things Twenty 20 brings with it. The new format has taken off well and makes for truly action packed, paisa vasool action.

ESPN hiked the rates of advertising in the last 10 secondsof the match by over 250%. wow. BCCI announced 20 million dollars prize money for our team. Yuvraj Singh got ONE CRORE. phew. New stars are born.

A new team India bubbling with youth energy enthusiasm aggression passion and dreams is here. Make way.


"SunShine" said...

@S : whatta a coincidence !! :)
Your office admin guys seems to be really good ..we all preferred connecting from home :)

it is total entertainment ...and I just loved the KISS format of T20 matches :)) just perfect !!

Just another Indian said...

welll ... T20 has done its job ... and i hope the ppl it has brought and brought back into cricket move onto the much more serious versions of cricket like ODIs and Test Matches ..
and for India ... T20 could not have got a better advertisement than India winning it ...

Serendipity said...

@ SS - was so good! a friend of mine has a 100 inch projector screen .. the kind that descends from the ceiling via remote. OMG it was AWESOME. :)

@ JAnother Indian - Your right, its a new lease of life for Indian cricket and has done its bit in renewing hope. Now its upto our criceters not to let us down!!

"SunShine" said...

@S: how u have been ? no updates !! hoping all is well