Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Incred!ble !ndia

Some random pictures i took en route Nashik. I'm in love with everythign around me... of course the sea is my first love... but one look at the pictures below, im convinced.
India is a beautiful country - there's no debate there. its just there to explore. I know people who've travelled to a zillion countries abroad, but not a place outside Mumbai in India. and i say to myself and them - we have everythign you could want right here! Not that im averse to the idea of going place, no im a big proponent of new places people and things. I just think as an Indian i ought to know the beauty and magnificence of my own country, so i have a benchmark for the others!

I am a certified photo-at-every-opportunity-taker, and a I-love-my-country-and-im-gonna-try-capturing-its-essence-in-photos-wherever-i-go". Not that im equipped with fancy cameras this is good ol camera phone at work. Little mercies :)

I've grown up by the sea... and its always been special to me. When asked in slam books and other truth and dare / random questions - "would you rather live by the mountains or the sea" pat would come the answer "the sea" without a doubt, without a blink of the eye. It was never in doubt.

But here it is - that game god plays. Falling in love with him means maybe having to leave this behind... and move. To the mountains no less. To that unthinkable option in the question, to the thought never considered. But I've fallen anyway.

I have enough memories of waves and tides and the sand and the sound of the waves in my head to last me a long time. What he gives me among other things - solace, contentment and unconditional support were something the sea did until now. But im a happy woman, I got more than i deserved.
Hopefully he feels the same way. And reads this post and says "Well move by the sea someday" :)
Once a dreamer, always a dreamer!


Dusty Fog said...

hey...congrats...this is very nice...may it all be the fact that you show so much contentment even when circumstances dictate otherwise...wish I had met you before HE did....: )

Serendipity said...

Hey! :)thanks!! and also please expect a reply from "him". lol he loves to pretend to be very jealous while actually being a caring, open minded secure guy :):)

Dusty Fog said...

oh oh...and I even have asked for your email...since you read Louis L'amour...and listen to Bon Jovi....didn't think too many people do....hence i asked if it was possible to stay in topuch outside of this 'public' domain...: )
Is he big?and prone to violence?!!! i am this teeny weeny thing..and i cannot stand physical or any other form of pain...: )

Serendipity said...

Your confusing people!!! you asked the nomad for her email :):)

Izzat ka falooda became. :):):):):)

Now im upset btw.

Jack Sparrow said...

Alright, I've got a bunch of comments !

a) Yes, we'll move to the sea someday. I kinda like the sea too :)

b) India is just beautiful, and I hate the fact that I never got to explore it as much as I wanted to. I foresee lots of trips back home.

c) Why is "She will be loved" on your "Stuff that's always playing in my mind" list ? I thought we discussed this :) Move past it ! You're not that person anymore. You never deserved to be. No more broken smiles.

d) @ Dusty - Get in line my friend :) There's a ton of people that wish they met her before I did. I waited in line a long time myself. But I told this girl once that any person who let her go would be a fool. And I'm no fool :)

e) What gave you the impression I was pretending to be jealous ??

f) I like that you now use "wazaa" so freely :) Considering how much you hated it at one point !

Anonymous said...

hey this is so cool. and so very romantic. i can see you basking in glow ..and that blush too !!
Lol. Amazing and touchwood :)

the pics are awesome. and i agree that people tend to explore the world ; but not our own india. konkan is awesomely beautiful

Dusty Fog said...

Jack - my apologies. Lets get together someday and jam up on the guitar and some old country numbers....that ok?!!!

@ serendipity - no no..had asked for your's too...: (

Serendipity said...

@ Saaya - thank you :) trying not to blush as i write this!

@ Dusty - lol. trying to be diplomatic eh?!

Dusty Fog said...

Nope..not at all...seriously ok....: (

Varsha said...

I agree...India is very beautiful. And much of the beauty is still unexplored.

Jack Sparrow said...

@ Dusty - No apologies required ! It's all good :) And yeah maybe we can get together and jam someday, although I must admit, I'm more rock than country !

@ Saaya - Yep. Touch wood :)

And finally,
@ Serendipity - I see you have conveniently not responded to any of my comments :P

Serendipity said...

@ Varsha - Thanks!!

@ Jack - THIS IS MY BLOG :):):) hehehhe

Jack Sparrow said...

Aaah I see how it is :) Fine. Be like that :P

The Nomad said...

Really nice pictures ... I am lucky to have travelled a whole lot in India and as a result have a really vibrant bag of experiences. But I think as much as you travel it could never be much, there's always so much you haven't done ... :)