Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why she doesnt watch TV?

Someone was ragging me about how little TV I watch. Day before I realized why I have absolutely no interest in it -

TV - Time 10.10 p.m.
· NDTV - (habits makes me switch news channels on first) Uma Khurana - Fake expose. The accused is now wronged. Poor middle class school teacher lost her pride and reputation thanks to some reporter woman and a stupid tabloid of a channel. 2 mins, repeat slide of Uma being dragged to court whilst being beaten and having her hair pulled. Flick.
· Times now - Benazir Bhutto “claiming” she is not striking a deal with President Musharraf. Linger 3-4 mins, Flick.

Enough of news channels, I think ok let me move on to something else then
· Sony TV - Unknown program. “Inspector sahab, mere pati .. something something”. Gah. 22 whole seconds. Flick.
· Star Plus - Unknown program, although I think it was Kasturi cos that was the main womans name. (tip - to indentify main woman in show, locate woman whose marriage everyone else is tyring to break and whose family is beginning to lose trust in her. She also would be the one with a tense/crying/worried look on her face, and would also be trying single handedly to face the wrath of 4785645 villains whose life aim is focused around destroying her life. 3 minutes. Flick.
· Channel V - ads for a whole 20 second I think. Flick
· MTV - random song from unknown random movie. Flick.
· Zoom - Mickey Mehta answering a question on “ MIcky, pls tell me a good exercise to lose weight” from Anon, Mumbai. Micky (the holistic health guru) - “Hi, the best exercise to lose weight is any exercise… blah” I caught the name of the show due to small icon on bottom left of screen - “Maximum style diva” shouldve been reason enough to flick. Flick.
· Discovery Travel and Living - AHHHHH. Biker build off re-run watched before in regular tv viewing days. Flick.

By now, im in the “just giving tv one last chance” mode.
· (Don’t remember which.) sports channel - Twenty 20 match b/w West Indies and South Africa. Chris Gayle just hits a six that looks like its probably out of the country by now. This was nice. Watched for half an hour, was time for bed. Flick. Off.

Wasn’t too hard was it? Why I don’t watch tv!

OOH just remembered cute little limerick on tv -

"In the house,
of Mr and Mrs. Spouse,
He and she would watch tv,
and never a word between them spoken,
until the day the set was broken,
suddenly, who're you? said she to he -
Im Spouse said he to she,
Why mine's the ..
But they never really did find out,
cos the set came suddenly right about"

Note to self - Cant resume tv viewing habit.


The Nomad said...

Try my routine sometime ... Star World,VH1, Travel&Living, Zee Cafe, NDTV 24x7, VH1, HBO, Star Movies, VH1, Zee Studio, Hallmark, Pix, VH1. Return to Star World every half an hour, settle back at VH1.


Jack Sparrow said...

LOL I was grinning throughout this post :) I've started watching MSNBC, at least I can be sure that its not trash TV.
And I wish VH1 would play more music here. Its always shows "Top 50 celebrity crimes of fashion" or "VH1's top 20 celebrity breakups" or "Flavor of Love" *(which, to be fair, I actually watched just 'coz I couldn't help be shocked at the shit I was watching) or "I love New York" or some other disgusting show ... GAH.
Now I think sports, select news programs and movies are all I watch.
And 70's show always works too :)

Jack Sparrow said...

Also, you were on Kasturi or whatever serial it was for 3 minutes ?? Whoa ... that's some capacity there. I don't think I even lasted 2 seconds. Ever.

Dusty Fog said...

Looks like you have been given enough suggestions on what to watch.Star world "Brothers & Sisters" for the star cast(Calista Flo(whatever the spelling is ) & Sally Fields, and "Scrubs". Have a feeling you won't regret it.
Incidentally, it's a pleasure to read about a self content person. I lived for a year in Mumbai before i moved back to Bangalore a couple of months ago, and probably i was just unlucky to only come across dis contented people, which is why this is so much more refreshing...stay that way....WONDERFUL...: )

Serendipity said...

@ The nomad - lol! During engg, in the peak of exam time .. in those last few days of Preparatory leave, THIS would be my routinne. much to the chagrin of my mom. :) at that time i followed - Caroline in the city,Wil and Grace, MTV roadies and everything other show possible to follow!

@ Jack - speaking of exams and since i have the pleasure of knowing you personally as well, i shall take the liberty of letting out one funny piece of information about you. while we all used to be neck deep in studies and tension, one phone call to mr. Jack "what you doing, how much have u finished etc" (this while me being sooppper dooper nervous in fear of being unable to complete portion, flunk th next day etc) mr Jack with a calm unafected tone - "Im playnig guitar" (how much portion has he finished - little less than 40% and this at 8.30 p.m examn next day morning)

@ Dusty fog - Thank you so much for a very well worded compliment. :) i actually visited your blog before you commented on mine and quite liked your writing!

Jack Sparrow said...

That's coz I is supercool. And exams don't scare me. I scare exams. Exams see me coming and they run away and hide. It's like in Sholay when the mothers tell their babies "Bete so jaa nahi to Gabbar Singh aa jayega."
Although it must be said that I narrowly escaped flunking that one, as I did many others :)

Varsha said...

hah hah I agree...
So many channels but nothing to watch!! Best to do is blogging!

Doesn't it surprise you that all these kumkums, kasturis, kusums look like they are just going to attend a wedding...
everyday seems to be some festival, vrat, jagrata.

My MIL watches some 3 zee TV progs..thay are enough to zonk me off

Serendipity said...

@ Varsha - did you know that Mumbai Mirror had done a spoof on them? what they did is, get a regular woman who lives in a joint family to wake up as her regular schedule, wear heavy jewellery and make up and go about her regular routine. The poor woman couldnt last till noon. cooking, bathing her kid serving breakfast etc all dressed in 5 kgs of clothes make up and jewellery is IMPOSSIBLE she said!