Friday, September 21, 2007

Oy Chak de!

I finally did it. I finally watched Chak De! Before you think OMG how could you not watch it till now, I’m not a big SRK fan. In fact I pretty much DON’T like him. That and I got emotionally blackmailed by my brother to watch it only when I go visit him which was this Sunday. On meeting him I find that the little punt had already been shown it in school… Hence I watched it yesterday.

So, here's what i liked about the movie -

  • I got to watch it tax free so i paid less than all y'all hehehe
  • SRK dint have some woman he was trying to woo
  • There were no unnecessary songs
  • SRK had a supporting role to 16 fiesty young women
  • The women dint have make up, and only one of them is a professional model.
  • The dormitory and Locker rooms dint look like 5 star hotels.
  • The women looked like they knew what they were doing.
  • They lost to the men's team but still won.
  • The men raised their hockey sticks in appreciation of the women.
  • That Preeti Sabhrawal dumps Mr. Vice Captain.
  • That Komal Chautala speaks really adorably. "oy laundya usko bata" or "Thana jana ya sorry manjur"
  • That the women beat the bejabbers out of the eve teasers
  • That all the people in the hall started clapping each time the women scored a goal in the WC matches.
  • That Komal passes to Preeti "Dikha de us londay ko"
  • That my heart was beating out of my chest in the Penalty shootout
  • That Preeti gives Komal her penalty shot
  • That everyone clapped hard at the end of the movie

All in all, Im satisfied. I have a very low tolerance threshold for movies, they must be really impressive for me to like them. I dont like average, mindless movies. Sometimes the movies i like are duds at the box office... This one does both. impress me and notch up the numbers!


Dusty Fog said...

one of those well made movies. Instilling patriotism without really making that, the primary focal the fact that SRK is 'just another' character in the movie, did wonders for it.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

see? what did i tell ya!

Jack Sparrow said...

I still have to watch it, but I've only heard great reviews of this movie ! And yes, I'm really glad that SRK is not the only character in the movie. The only movies I like him in are non-Karan Johar movies. Swades is another good example where all other characters in the movie act as well as SRK and even overshadow him most of the time.

Serendipity said...

@ Dusty - yep i loved the SRK was not the MAIN thign in the movie.

@TW - :) i told you so ?? enjoy it:)

@ Jack - wat r u waiting for!!

Serendipity said...

i loved THAT SRK was not a ..

i meant. i hate typos :)

Karishma Singhal said...

hey serendipity,
cool wot u hav written abt chak de :)i absolutely loved the movie 2 and my best scene was the last scene where preeti says no to that arrogant , chauvinistic cricketer ....:)i guess we all hav our fav moments....and btw i hav guessed who u are miss funky town ;)...dint know u were interested in writin 2 ...u are full of surprises thanx for appreciatin my work :)...u are on my facebook and orkut both arent u???

Just another Indian said...

well chak de is cool ... and it instills ur hope into the reality that india is ,,, especially to all the ppl who r moving west .. whether it is chak de , swades or rang de basanti ... they teach u abt this feeling called india .. so take ur lessons ..

Jack Sparrow said...

Aaaah ! Caught !! LOL :)

Serendipity said...

@ Karishma - Lol, i dint realize i left a small hint to be able to be traced back :) thought you'd take thoda long to guess. anyway, now that you have, shhhh!!

@ J Another Indian - I agree with you! some movies just make yuu feel soo exhilirated about belonging to this mesmerising country. :) and its not just movies - its the sheer beauty in each and every street of each city that resonates with the feeling of belonging, beauty and sheer survival.

@ Jack - Its my fault! i left a backlink i dint realize!

Karishma Singhal said...

do me a favour and email me or scrap or write on my wall in facebook :) just wanna be sure its u :) u will get my email id from my blog:)dunt worry we will keep it our little secret... :)waitin to hear from u serendipity :)....

Ashwin said...

Blatant plagarism spoils a movie for me. The inspirational speech towards the end of the movie (no one can steal these sixty-or-something minutes from you) was taken from a movie called "Game of their lives".

Of course, I liked the movie upto that point.

Also, I thought it was a bit patronizing to women. (Ghar par jakar belan chalao - dont think anyone talks that way to women these days, however much they might want to.)

Ashwin said...

by patronizing i meant, their actions based on dialogues like that... seems a bit phony.

Farcenal said...

Somehow, I enjoyed the reactions of the audience more than the movie itself. It's amazing just how much of pure 'escapism', indian cinema provides.

I did a piece on Chak De too, so it would be nice to get your views on that: