Monday, September 17, 2007

Finding treasure is easy.

This weekend kicked off to a most promising start, and dint disappoint! I hung out with a friend that happened at work. I bought her dinner, she bought me a book. Fair trade I would say. She loved the dinner and I loved the book. . I was always under the impression that college friends are the last lasting friends you make… but am so glad im wrong! God just knows when you need alone time and when you don’t, when you need something unexpected in your life and when you don’t. One of those unexpected little gifts. Friends are like the bag of goodies that doesn’t end. You can just keep dipping your fingers in for more.

Casual friendships may come and go,
Much as currents ebb and flow,
The swells and ripples that they make,
Leave mingled emotions in their wake.

I also spent Saturday morning visting Lalbaug cha Raja. One of Mumbai’s more loved Ganpati’s. Also one of the only to pass through Muslim areas and worshiped by them. Amidst much pushing shoving jostling stepping on toes I got up on stage and said a little prayer. Its so strange, I always have in my mind a few things I want to ask god for strength to accomplish, forgive me for etc but when im there, in front of him im overcome with strange silence and goose pimples and tears spring to my eyes as though it is enough for me just to stand in his space, and that, that itself is enough to give me strength to brave another year of trials and tribulations.

Later, I met another friend of mine from junior college, someone I had drifted away from… but we had spent many a night watching ally mc beal, listening to Annies song, wondering if Mr. perfect still exists. We recently got back in touch and it was like Magic. Like those last four years of not knowing what we’ve been up to has changed nothing.

For some friends drift with the changing tide,
They come on strong and then subside.
Soon to crash upon the shore,
Disappear to be seen no more.
Others are strong enough to stand,
The drifting tide and the shifting sand.

Is just so ironic, 2 friends - one old one new. And yet, having found both mean so much to me that time seems inconsequential. I just know that I want to spend many many evenings hanging out, losing track of time talking, watching Dirty Dancing for the umpteenth time, Friday nights after a long hard days work at a new place or an old place or any place doing what we did.

Affinity of mind and heart,
Love much more than a token,
Understood, yet unspoken.
A common bond, a mutual goal,
An understanding heart and soul
A hand outstretched in time of need,
A thoughtful and a friendly deed.

Sunday I went to visit my little brother at Boarding, after a break of 2 months. I miss him so. Sleeping uninterrupted at night with no random arms and legs landing on me is something I am not used to yet.

Monday morning, and although im back to my irritable “mornings-should-start-at-11a.m” mood I have this strange satisfaction. Of having pulled two strings closer to myself, of being allowed to share two more lives, of being allowed the joy of having found something that I know, is for keeps.

These little things that mean so much,
Are strokes of friendships golden touch.


The Nomad said...

:D :D :D :D :D

And ya, you beat me to it.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

i made a few new friends, and caught up with some real old ones too - all of that this weekend.

have a great week ahead!

Dusty Fog said...

If you take a moment to think about what happened while you were in the presence of Ganpati, you will probably realise that it was a sense of deep contentment. Try and replay it in your head, and I have a feeling i won't be too far from the truth. Very few people feel that sensation - those the blessed ones...the content ones...who take what life has to dole out on the chin, and still smile away from the heart. Be well....!!!

Serendipity said...

@ The Nomad - :) its never too late!

@ TW - Friends new and old.. make life so much more colorful dont you think?

@ Dusty - Your right, that is what it is. was trying to find the right words while writing the post yest, but couldnt. When i leave from home i always know i want to ask God for x,y,z to go well, tp be protected from x,y,z but then i realize that as long as he's with me, i know ill be able to overcome. and thats all the reassurance i need. :)

Dusty Fog said...

Thank you...: )

Abhishek said...

I loved the poem.... :).... Friends do matter a lot in this world... :)

Anonymous said...

your wkend rocked for sure. it was such a sweet post. loved those lines as well :)

yeah these small things do matter; they give u that grin even when life does not seem to be same !!

Serendipity said...

@ Abhishek - im glad you think so. hopefully you'll actualy meet them when you come down next eh? :)

@ Saaya - Thank yew! :) and yep, its the little things in life that are the biggest!

Karishma Singhal said...

hey babes wot u wrote is so simple and so true :)it feels gr8 to meet old friends with whom u can still is like findin that 500 rupee note in ur wallet u had kept and forgotten :) the feelings u wrote when in space of god are just mine i can so link myself to them :)
keep writing
loads of luv