Friday, September 7, 2007

Love affair # 2

I am clearly obsessed by the sea. To be fair, ive lived by the sea since i was 7. ive had breathtaking views from my windows and balconies. Watched the ships light up on Navy day, watched them dock through the rains, watched the mangroves slowly recede.
What have i not done on Marine drive other than the usual sit, talk, walk, run. Ive laughed and cried and sat with someone and sat alone, fought and made up, held hands and let go.. done assignments and studied, spent 4 hours bunking lectures in the blazing sun.

So what is it about this place? The sea is a good hint :) other than that, i think for me, its the way i could always fall back on it. it was never too far from home, never too far from my thoughts, always offered me solace, put things into perspective, make smal things feel big and big things feel bigger...

ah. i forgot - fed pigeons at 6.00 in the morning. (yes, there was a time when i could wake up that early), bicycled all the way to chowpatty and had chaai from shady looking bhaiyya who brings it on his cycle.
Ill always want to have this .. to live by the sea.. and have my chaai leaning over my balcony.. cos thats what the sea makes you do... it makes you this dreamer.. this person who is content with herself and her thoughts and the gentle lapping of the waves..


Jack Sparrow said...

I'd made up mind that no matter what you'd posted, I was gonna leave a comment saying "Humph, you're still a non-caller-offerer."

However, this post of yours changed all that :) And I have no idea what to say now !

What's love affair #1 then ?

Serendipity said...

watching the sea in the rain. :)

Aroj said...

Ya I love the sea too...thats y I can never be at home in bangalore n pune..mumbai has its own charm..and the sea is definitely one of them..