Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lazin' around, singin a song.

Living each day in the somnolent state that I currently wake up to and retain with effortless ease throughout the course of the day has a number of drawbacks - Mammoth Laziness, sloth-like movements and a general Lethargy towards change in physical being. This also has repercussions on overall mental alertness which has recorded an all time L-O-W.

Case in Question : Until a day ago, I was under the impression that the month we have entered is in fact, April. When I met her for (AN AWESOME) lunch on Saturday, she was mentioning all the zillions of errands she needs to run before she leaves for her impending vacation on 7th May.
Of course I was wondering why she was stressing so much (since apparently she had 3 more weekends). When asked me for Haircut advice, I said 'Get shortish bangs in the front, they'll grow out in a months time before you leave', she must've naturally thought I was N-U-T-S.
"7th May is this Thursday, woman" said she. After which followed Five minutes of 'WTF, What're you saying OMG' and a quick round up of any April related activities I would need to cover up in May. Sheesh. I feel as though someone stole a month of my life :\
This meant I forgot to wish a friend on his birthday on May 1st since apparently it was a month away. Now the explanation above (although true) seems ridiculous to give to a good friend for not wishing him, and hence I have done the next worst thing. Not called him up since. Yes. I'm good at taking situations from bad to worse :\

I think the routine has done me in. Ever since my gym got far too expensive for me to renew and I moved away so I cant join it anyway, I'm activity-less. Home-office-home or Home-office-dinner/drinks outside-home. and that's all! Whats more mortifying, is after gymming hard for so many years and working hard to be a 'S' or even an 'XS' in some stores, I'm suddenly going a size up. SO NOT GOOD.

How to get out of this Rut? It all seems so easy. Wake up early, go for a walk, list things needed to be done, start prioritizing, striking things off the list. ETC. easier said than done :\


snow said...

haha lol thanks for reminding me!! i have to wish a friend today :S *phew* :P i don't really have a useful advice, cuz i've been in this sluggish rut before n did nothing about it.. rode it out n now i'm SWAMPED with work.. *sigh*

Aniket said...

Oh my tummy is growing faster that the popularity of roadies! A while back the dreaded time came when I was unable to fit into my pants.

That was the time I put my foot down. Said to myself "Enough! This is it!"... then bravely walked into lifestyle and bought myself larger pants. :D :D

I've never missed a whole month! But a day or two happens all the time.. Mostly Wednesdays!

This brings us to revise Joey's dialogue:

Moneday the one day, twoesday the two day, Whednesday When? When?, Thirsday Third day of the week!!! :D

eye-in-sty-in said...

I missed an year when i wrote 08 instead of 09 on a check last week! The bank still passed it and now I have a new bank :-)

dipali said...

Psyche yourself into getting up early for a run/walk. It's cheaper than gymming, and does become addictive. Honestly.

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