Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The New Opal Mehta

This is UNACCEPTABLE. Im amazed someone can Copy feelings! Blatantly and HOW.

This post from SAG is a straight copy paste job from Kirans post here. Knowing Kiran, yuo dont need to verify the time stamp to see which one was posted first. But If you must, verify it.

Does SAG mean to say she feels the EXACT same thing for her husband that Kiran does? A blatantly copy pasted post, with no cross reference, and moreover apparently modest reponses to comments and compliments and even an award Which are not deserved is ridiculous.

Im seething with anger. She isnt accepting any comments which tonnes of us have written in telling her shes copied Kirans post. This really gets my goat.


Blogger isnt allowing me to reply to comments :S Blogger is officially OFF my list of things I like. Latest news, shes deleted her blog! Coward. Why would you do something so silly and think youll get away with it? Hasnt she learnt ANYTHING from her?


Utopia said...

oh gawd! tis so pissing off. i wonde how many people would be copying our posts and somebody else 's posts. blogger really needs to come up with something to prevent this cut, copying and pasting.

Arnab Majumdar said...

Hmm... now I'm wondering if stuff from my page has been travelling around like this as well :P Any idea how to search for stuff like this?

Mumbai Diva said...

disgusting! and shameful. and like arnab i'm wondering too if one's posts are also floating around on other blogs

Mumbai Diva said...

she's deleted it !!!!!! why do something like this in the first place?

Hopeless Romantic said...

this is pretty disgusting to say the least...i really want to know what we can do to stop this plagiarism activity...its pretty disheartening to see this !

The Geekie said...


eye-in-sty-in said...

Nice sleuthing - There's something on my blog 4 u that was long overdue!

dipali said...

Plagiarising a post seems to be such a foolish and pointless thing to do. Most disgusting. Bah.

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