Friday, May 15, 2009


We're growing. We're working harder than ever. And we've come a LONG way from being 10 strangers meeting in the aftermath of 26/11 to address our angst.

Today we stand, a larger group of volunteers, working after our days jobs on calls and visits with the affected, not only of the 26/11 attacks, but also other causes which could use our help. Morally, financially or otherwise.

It will be hard for me to find words to explain what a feeling this is, how undeserving it feels being thanked by someone whose life has been shattered by a tragedy, how we well up with pride when we see they're picking up the pieces as bravely as they can, reduced to taking help from wherever they can get it.

I found the meaning to my life. This is what I'm supposed to do. Give off myself and find myself at the same time. There is no joy greater than giving, of yourself, your time, energy, love and patience. In doing this, my life is richer in a way I thought was not possible, I value happiness more than I could do so before, and I thank god for the luxuries I have and realise that I'm blessed. And my own troubles seem insignificant and trivial.

Then there are the people. Kiran, the one who began it all. OJ whose the voice of reason and calm, Sangeeta whose the straight talking no nonsense rational one. The women I admire. and HOW. Priyanka whose the behind-the-scenes one, running the pavement schools. And I could go on. All in all, Indiahelps is full of dedicated, brave women, who go beyond their call of duty and find time in their hectic lives to accomodate others. How much I admire them only Ill know.

Please do follow us on and We're made of people like you and me... and we need to come together when our fellow citizens need us.

At the risk of shamelessly promoting Indiahelps, Could I request followers/readers of this blog to also help spread the word of Indiahelps around? Leave me a comment if you'd like to display the badge on your blog, ill mail you the html. Follow us if you will, Link us. Indiahelps is a movement, help spread the word. Even you, first time reader and lurker :)

Cause at the end of the day, if we don't help ourselves in time of need, no one will.


The knife said...

do send me the badge pleas

Anonymous said...

First you call me calm and reasonable and then link to my blog that has frivolty of the worst kind plastered all over it. Now who's going to believe you, child?

Anonymous said...

What you guys are doing is really commendable. Everyone can talk big but there are few who can actually walk teh talk.

Kudos to India helps and everyone associated with it.

perplexed said...

I have put the india helps pic and linked it to the website. What you guys are doing is real good stuff! all of us talk big but hardly do anything about it! way to go guys and all the best!! :)

Smita said...

Glad to know that you guys are doing well.

I remember sending a mail to the ID mentioned, I had wanted to donate some clothes but never got a reply about the address & other details.

Anonymous said...

hi serendipity.
its easy to say things like community service and all but it isn't easy to walk the talk. What you ppl are doing is a great thing.
I have seen you mention the html at dhirens blog. I have put up the logo in blog.

snow said...

w2g gal :)

muthu said...

I jus read your web site and went through your blog. Great job you guys are doing....

I am following your blog and will soon do a post abt your work on mine.....

kudos on the good work.


Farcenal said...

I don't know how to say all the things I want to say to you. I'll start with: thank you. I look at the divide between the rich and the poor back home, between the old and the young and the ignorant and the don't know how comfort I draw from reading about people like you, fighting the good fight. Whether it is your gripping IndiaHelps posts or just a casual window into your (love)life, I find you a joy to read and without doubt the most interesting person I don't know. When you sleep at night, smile - you are cool.
The Kiddo

Utopia said...

wow! thats such good work. taking time off besides your regular jobs and trying make a little difference.

Gunjan said...

So you are finding a meaning to your life...Very few people can actually do that. Keep going....

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