Monday, May 25, 2009

Reply to comments in previous post

For some reason, Blogger is not allowing me to reply to the comments, so for the most part, my response was Mainly thank you's, do let us know if you would ike to be of any help. There are cases that need urgent attention, so if you feel you could be of any help, please mail us. or

Shravan of Shravans blog, Your comment in the last post made my day. Although I am not completely deserving, it totally put a smile on my face and I went about the rest of the day beaming. Cheers to you kiddo :)

The knife, Mystery - thank you! How do i mail you the html for the badge?

@ Smita - Apologies, Ill mail you very soon :)

@ Muthu - thanks M. Do spread the word.

@ Prplxd - thanks sweetheart! :) I saw the link on your blog. very cool of you. If you could also put the email id somewhere beneath it, would be great.

@Utopia, Mesolioquy - thank you.. :)

@Orangejammies - Anyone who doesnt believe how strong, rational and fantastic you are, has me to answer to :)

Anyone else who would like to put up the badge on their blog, please feel free to pick it up..or mail me and ill send it out to you. I also have a fancy email id but i cant give it out here :(


Mumbai Diva, Scarlett? Aniket? And Snow? Utopia? Muthu, Smita? Aditya?

(was meaning to ask you guys if you'll put up the IH badge on your blog!! somehow the sentence got deleted!!)


Anonymous said...

first !

Aniket said...

Oh, I've been reading your posts, but wasn't able to post a comment. The "comment as" field didn't let me in.

Did you change your theme? As its working now. :D

Should have listened to your advice of investing in shares. :D

But am running an all time low on bank balance. And have GRE fees on my head. Tough times. :(

perplexed said...

will do right away!

snow said...

ola, i'm here, been reading your indiahelps post, also checked out the site, makes me real proud of you cuz you're doing something while we keep thinking about it... but not sure how i can help? but i know for sure, i can get in touch with you next month when i'm coming to india!!! :D :D well, it's 99% final, so keepin my fingers crossed :D

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