Friday, May 8, 2009

Making a beeline for the exit

Last evening I took to dining at a nearby fancy 7 star restaurant with a friend I haven't met in ages. We decided on dinner after work, and I very pompously selected the venue - a highly recommended mucho expensive place, an aside from my other favorites. The price of the Buffet at Hornby's (1200 per person) did not deter me since I am a woman of the world, with fine refined taste, a certified epicure, and err I had discount coupons. :) thanks to her.!

Owing to the fact that Ive just moved homes, and this building is completely new, some parts of it still under construction, its a given that its dusty as hell. Which means that the car gathers dust as though its mileage depends on it. Dad being a stickler for cleanliness, our car is used to be spanking squeaky clean, but even he's given up temporarily in this current state of affairs.
Having conveniently forgotten this, I left home, dressed for dinner go down to the garage and stand faced with the dustiest I have EVER seen my car. Since G was already waiting for me, I had no choice but to ignore the dust and two bird poos and drive.

I felt as though even my car was feeling embarrassed to be brought out in this state, as though each person on the street wants to offer to just dust it a bit. Bird poo was of course, strategically placed such that If i were to start the water and just run my wiper over the screen, it would effectively be smattered all over my windscreen as opposed to just in one corner. I made it somehow and picked G up, apologising profusely for being slightly late, while explaining all the reasons (that were not in my control and neither my fault) that conspired against me being on time.

We then drove into the lobby of the Hotel, where I resumed feeling mortified and disconcerted driving such an unkempt car. It didn't help that there was a grand wedding in the hotel on that day and mighty grand cars were pulling in to the valet. G and I of course took to trying to laugh off the situation in our aloof style hoping the valet isn't too embarrassed to park the car.

Of course, Me being the confident woman of the world, unruffled by these mundane occurrences in life type woman, shrugged this off and had my haughty look on as I exited.
That and loudly exclaiming 'Oh dear, I cant believe the car got this dusty' en route entrance. Bas.

We finally moved past the current state of embarrassment and proceeded towards dinner. The Buffet is SO good, that one ought to fast for a few days and devour all the goodies on the menu. Trust me, that extra kg after this meal can be worked off.

When we got our first course, the extremely polite waiter approached our table and asked if we would like some drinks. He ordered Beer and I nothing, since my appetite generally diminishes by intake of drinks, soups and such. He then proceeded to recite the list of all possible tempting options I could have, Mock tails, beer, a glass of wine maybe. To which I still declined. 'I don't want to kill my appetite' I said.

As I watched him saunter over to the Maitre'D, them possibly discussing my non drink policy, they mustve arrived at a suitable conclusion for my negative response.

"Madam, the drink is included in the cost of the Buffet" he said with a large accommodating smile.

I of course declined once again. And what did they think I wasn't ordering cause I was thinking of paying the extra price? I exclaimed to G. To which, his usual cheeky male response was -

'Maybe he saw your car'


Arnab Majumdar said...

I know how embarassing it can be driving around in a dusty car... add a few dents and scratches to it, and what you have is the dilapidated little thing that I drive! Although, I do love that car a lot, but sometimes I wish there was some way the car could have been made dust proof, and bird-poo proof while they're at it :)

Nicely written there, cheers...

Aniket said...

Or just may be the waiter had only one good eye... and unfortunately for you it was staring right at you! ROFL!!! :D :D

The knife said...

I too feel that booze cuts down my capacity to do justice to a buffet

snow said...

LOL Seren, hilarious & very well written :lol: super cool post ;-) loved readin' it! hee hee

Ashutosh Didwania said...

Well...must say it takes quite a lot of guts to drive anything less than perfect through the entrance of a 5 star...Well done!

Imp's Mom said...

lol.... great way to end my day babe :D

Serendipity said...

Hey Arnab! you could get your watchman to wash it :) we're waiting on one set of watchmen/liftmen to become regular before we can fix it!

Hi Micky ;) very smart. Just you wait till (if) we ever meet. run. run for your life.

@ The knife - seriously. Its jst a waste. If u saw the spread, you woudlve passed out. (err, of excitement!)

Serendipity said...

Yo snow! lol. thankee :)

Hi Ashutosh! Yeah. well i did it with a LOT of 'looking for places to hide my face' look :\

@Imps mom - thnkee! Hope imps ear is doing better...

Jass said...

LOL! Hilarious narration! :)

Sumit said...

oh boy!! the tales of driving about in such state of affairs... a drive in car wash wudn't have been open at that hour wud it??

Pavitra .... said...

great post...
made my day!

dipali said...

Snooty waiters- what cheek.

Such fun! What a snooty waiter:(

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