Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The soon to be All-New-And-Fantisically-Awesome One

Loads has been happening in life! After much ranting, Gym has been joined! Very convenient location, almost easy on the pocket. (7.5k for 6 months, which is a giant relief from the 19.5k for 6 months the earlier gym was quoting) and exceeding my expectations in terms of equipment, trainers and general ambience. P-h-e-w and double p-h-e-w.

Some semblance of discipline has been infused into otherwise disorderly lifestyle. Home-office-home-gym-home. is the new routine. I passed up a movie with The Brat since I had gym last evening. In case you've noticed, A will hereafter be renamed the brat owing to cheeky behaviour, which I secretly find cute, but dont tell him I said so. [One of his favorite jokes all of last week was 'Its almost as though I signed up for a Mercedes Benz, but got a Maruti 800] The cars in question here, being a reference to me :/ And also the poor dear is having to work on some new Business with a girl he used to find cute insisting that she 'might' ask him to discuss it over dinner and he wont be able to refuse. Professionally of course :\ he's just enjoying the slight possesiveness Im displaying for the first time. Im trying to be my usual cool and unruffled self but even Im not perfect. [Who Would've thought].

On the first day of gym, measurements were taken. Owing to a previously rigorous routine of uninterrupted gym for 3 years, I used to be pretty well turned out. Until the last year of course. I shuddered as measurements increased their way to 2 inches EVERYWHERE. <woe is me>
I almost passed out when I had to hold this thingamajig to measure BMR which oscillated dangerously between 'Muscular' and 'Latent Obesity' and it finally decided 'Latent Obesity'. I know. Im diagnosed with the 'Indian Woman Syndrome' the ever loving Pear shape. Just a year ago that damn needle would settle on the other one, oscillation-less. Top it off with this website with its words of wisdom and I quote "Finally, you should know that losing weight will not change your pear-shaped body - it will only make you a smaller pear"

In line with other gym related funnies, I saw my liftman wearing ONE gym glove while operating the lift. He's an unofficial liftman and currently arrives in jeans and t shirts, and is not yet given a uniform (My buildings new rememeber). I was wondering why the man was sporting one glove, that too a gym glove nonetheless. That was before I realized (2 days later) that I had only one glove in my bag, and had probably dropped it in the building :/ Im wondering if i ought to surreptitiously drop the other glove that i have so that At least one of us has a complete set!

The (free) Dieticians appointment was also a laugh riot, reminiscent of college days. I was already confused when the floor manager asked FIVE of us to go a small cabin and wait. I was under the impression that a diet plan will be made etc and just out of curiousity, I stayed. After being ushered into the cabin, a sweet gentleman walks in with a bunch of papers stapled together and after a few minutes of introduction begins to read out from the pages. Things like what is the definition of Fitness, Nutrition. NO, THE EXACT DEFINITION. I couldnt control the idea of sitting through 5 pages of a monologue while i could easily spend that time killing myself over leg curls and squats and spent the first 10 minutes of the lecture snickering in a badly disguised fashion.
Im given to laugh uncontrollably in extremely embarassing situations so yesterday's situation of snickering away to glory on the poor mans face was a cakewalk. I am tottering around with a slight limp after being delivered one tight kick under the table by B, a friend and colleague who also comes to gym.


Mumbai Diva said...

haha i know. I'm also trying to be a smaller pear.

you're such an enjoyable read.

Aniket said...

I started of with Project Gajini in january only to fail in mid March. When my PM assigned me a time sensitive report to run daily in the evening. Dayum. Now here I am stuck in this cell.

All the best to you. Show A what a wonderful Ferrari you are. :D

perplexed said...

I have joined and quit my gym 7 times! and all in a span of 2 years! I am pathetic that way! :(

ROTFL @ "Its almost as though I signed up for a Mercedes Benz, but got a Maruti 800" :D !

Hopeless Romantic said...

happy gyming !...enjoy !

do care!

Goofy Mumma said...

All the best with working out at the new gym. I am the completely unhealthy apple type.... and am so jealous of you pear types.

snow said...

hehehe probably you should drop the other glove too.. i second Aniket, show The Brat what a sleek Bentley Continental you are :D

eye-in-sty-in said...

Even you have a B! Should I find another letter 4 u now!!!

Kamana said...

plz plz plz cud u tell me which gym is this?

The Geekie said...

the glove thing was hilarious :D

i joined gym this year but gave up...i cudnt wake up @ 7am :P

same here too
signed for a Ambassador finally :D

Just call me 'A' said...

yipee on the gym. getting into a good gym at a good price is like getting into a good college.

i say you give the other glove to the lift man :)

Jass said...

//Im wondering if i ought to surreptitiously drop the other glove that i have so that At least one of us has a complete set!

Hilarious! :D

Happy gymming!

Iya said...

love this big pear small pear thingy.. i use to be a small pear and i was unhappy, and then i became a big pear and am still unhappy..god know how i wish to be a small pear again..

Iya said...

and with that i blogrolled u.

ani_aset said...

lovely read :), enjoyed it

Serendipity said...

Hi Mumbai Diva :) lol. I dont see how your a pear in the first place..:D

Ani - thanks for the encouragement!!! :D

@Pplxd! come on girl, join join!

Hi Amit - thanks!

Hi GoofyMumma - :) thanks

YoSnow - I gave it to him!!

Serendipity said...

@EISI - Arey, actually shes a T. I randomly typed B. :D cause thats the start of the

Heyy Kamana - left you the info on your blog.. :) Gimme a holler if your ever there

Hi Geekie - oho!! re-join. and dont let go. :) say hi to the Ambassador.

@Just call me A - Gave it !!

Hi Jass - :D thankee

Hey Iya - thanks! I enjoy your space as well.

Hi Ani_Aset - thankee :D

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