Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Whole Thing is that

So, here's the deal. I wrote this Yesterday. Before the Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Rajasthan Royals match.

Unlike the last time, Im not getting caught up in the fervour of the IPL. Maybe since I missed the opening matches this weekend cause of the move, or since It isnt being played in Mumbai like it was last year. It was a completely different atmosphere altogether. The city was gripped in the throes of IPL fever, with hoardings, advertisements staring you in the face wherever you went. Road blocks, traffic diversions owing to the matches were graciously overlooked as we all adopted teams of states other than ours, with players from around the world and 'owners' who have little or nothing to do with the game altogether.

The boys in office are playing 'Fantasy Cricket' - a weekly collection and winner takes all after strategically piecing together a team. Football enthusiasts would be familiar with this term cause of the widely popular 'Fantasy Football league' which takes involvement in football to new levels!
I of course, get to be part of all the action, my cubicle being right in the midst of all action. Today there was great furore over the rules of the fantasy football and totalling of points. 10 boys all raking up the decibel levels in office intensly deliberating the pros and cons and best way forward.

I wonder if the Royals will be able to work their magic again. They were my team last year. Right now Im torn between my team last year and the Mumbai Indians or even the Chennai Super Kings.

Cut to today. After having watched the Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Rajasthan Royals match.
Screw that! Im SO into it now! Last nights match REALLY turned things around!! Insanely EXCITING, CUT THROAT and undecided till the last minute!
Thats why I LOVE the Rajasthan Royals, they were the underdogs last time, with no impressive lineups or expensive players like the other teams. Heck this year, they're even worse off, with Shaun Watson (Playing for Australia), Akmal and Tanveer (No Pakistani players in IPL this time) who were star performers not playing for reasons illustrated in brackets.

But YET. against the heavy duty team of KKR, they went in Guns Blazing, knowing they had set a lesser than modest score, which seemed like chickenfeed for the likes of Gayle, Ganguli etc. BUT they didnt lose hope and with a mentor like Shane warne with his patient paternal guidance and his faith in his team, coupled with his strategic and daring field positions gave the KKR a run for their money.
The fielding was tight (barring one drop), positions judiciously selected, which paid off with some wickets falling just when they were required. KKR was held to Ransom, and made to toil for each run. Until the last over when it was 2 runs from 2 balls and I tucked into bed, thinking we've lost when a loud Groan from my brother signalled otherwise.
Mr. Ganguli had fallen when there were only 2 more runs to make! However, one run was made off the last ball and the superover was called in. Another innovation from IPL!

It was a bold move sending in 18 year old Kamran Khan to bowl to Gayle, who towered over him physically like a thumb does an index finger. Whether the sixes and wide proved expensive or not was a question Yusuf put to rest with his clean sweep of the 16 runs required to win.

And they're back. How badly they've played so far and where they lie on the scoreboard is inconsequential, since for me, The RR's fighting spirit and never say die attitude makes them my favorite team. GO RAJASTHAN ROYALS!

Also, A won the pot luck of the Fantasy Cricket for the week!! (De Villers century and Yusuf's man of the match accelerated him to the top). Im totally joining the pool next weekend.
Help me selecting the 16 players? Ill give you a percentage :D


J Escobar said...

im not that big on the IPL and cricket but you wont go wrong in choosing Gilly...the man makes run and takes wickets..

whats the prize pool? you do realise exchange rate is pretty crap :p

The knife said...

I really admire the way Warne conjured the win. Very well strategised...I cheered for KR for that last over bec I thought Ganguly would help them win...but then clapped loudly for RR in the super over once Buchanan did his finishing touch touch by keeping Ganguly out. I had enough by then

Mayz said...

oh yeah last nights match was awesome!!!!

i was so waitin for a post from fake ipl on this one but i think d poor chap has been finally caught...

n yusuf is my player of d series alrdy...althou m still hopin for some veeru fireworks :)

Imp's Mom said...

I hate cricket! Yet the IPL has its interesting moments...

eye-in-sty-in said...

Shane warne is in! Then I'd go with MSD. Now u say the next ones and based on that, the rest of the team can be formulated. btw, is the split in the winning a factor of no. of players I suggest? or will it be split in the middle? (just so i know how much effort i shd put into it.. lol)

eye-in-sty-in said...

and yes, Hi B :D

btw, ferrari is down in the dumps! Schumi admitted to a tactical error in the last race and rumor is that they are not working on the diffuser! Sh!t !!

Aniket said...

Apart from misspelling GangulY's name am totally with you. :D

Dada played a gem of an innings only to falter at the last moment. And I love Warne's captaincy and his trust in his teammates. Its quite admirable. My bong roomie cried at the end of the match. lolzzz We soooo teased him!

Delhi is still my fav. coz it has both Pidge and Vettori. :D

Letz see how it rolls out. I still hate the rains though.

PS: I dunno how this post got missed in the first place. Guess I've been giving blogs lesser time due to IPL. :D

Serendipity said...

heyy J'esco - loll! wats there. More important that the prize money is the respect, the title of master strategist, planner, the glory... err.
wait ill find out the prize money :D

Hello knife! :D lol i can imagine. although last nights RCB vs. Royals was too much torture on my team than i could bear :(

heyyMay! He isnt caught! I wonder who he is. who're u supporting btw?

Hi Imp's mom! Lol! It sure does have exciting moments! :D

@EISI - I am so bummed. Ferrari has 3 measly points 3 races on in the season! Ohforchrissakes work on the diffuser already! 3 FREAKING POINTS.

Hi Ani- sowie bout that. Im generally quite a sticker for spellings :) your poor roomie. Bongs are quite a passionate lot when to comes to Dada.
:) andmissing posts due to IPL/Football/F1 IS completely ok as long as suitable covering up action is performed. :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hi B,
Atleast now they have points - I'm taking solace in that... They were seen fighting with the Force India cars in the last race. That speaks volumes of where they stand. And I heard that Force India is working on the diffuser. So now they might start out-performing the Ferrari for this season !

Anonymous said...

where are you playing the fantasy cricket... i m using the money control one... i challenge... !!!! i just started two days back as was away... !!!!

challenge challenge challenge !!!

eye-in-sty-in said...

btw B,

what happened to ur virtual IPL team? I thought you were making one... did the thought of money sharing made you go mute ;-)