Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carry on, Doctor

I have a corn in my foot. Its a small, insidious little in growth, which, deceived by its small size, is actually quite painful. Trust me to have one right near my little toe, where it rubs against any footwear. So finally, after a week of wobbling about, I finally visited the Doctor and it wasn't all bad.
A little acid, a little scraping, badabingbadaboom. pain = lesser. Although Now starts the scraping at home everyday and applying acid by myself business which clearly will not be a routine process, unless it begins hurting again.

Point being. There are these categories of people. When it comes to falling sick/visiting a doctor that I've noticed in and around my life. Here they are -
  • The wait until last moment to go to the Doctor kinds - E.g. Yours truly. Doctors are not visited for colds/coughs/random aches - make do with Crocins/Combiflams/Voveron/Mox or other such commonly used medications. Doctors are visited ONLY when situations get completely out of hand, and said ailment shows no sign of weaning off. This habit often leads to injury/illness to get worse than it was to start off with and signs of repentance prevail after imperative Doctors visit.
  • The go to a Doctor at the drop of a hat kinds - Every small ailment is mistaken for something viral, scary or disease like. Stomach aches could be appendix (OMG) or fever could spell the onslaught of TB or Jaundice or what not. Doctors are visited for small cuts and bruises, sniffles or the most miniscule increment in temperatures. Unnecessary Blood and Urine tests are conducted by wily Doctors who identify a good opportunity. Often, when told that nothing, is in fact wrong, doctors qualifications and results of the tests are questioned for Authenticity. Much Sympathy is evoked from those who will dish it out, inspite of being fit and fine.
  • The go to a Doctor when appropriate only kinds - These people know exactly when a doctors visit is imminent, and required. That says it all.

While I joke about it, Hypochondria is, in fact a very serious condition, that mars the maintenance of a normal life. Hypochondria affects about 3% of the population, and for those who experience the condition, it is nothing short of a nightmare.

Hypochondriasis is also often accompanied by other psychological disorders, Depression, OCD, Phobias are the most common of the lot. If you think you could be suffering from it, the first and best thing you can do for yourself, is acknowledge the problem, speak about it openly with family/friends, and let them guide you through a more peaceful existence.

(Dare I ask which category you fall into?!)


Anonymous said...

Me first again yay yay !!

Me being a former medical representative.. fall in the last category... atleast that is what i would like to think so...

Hey these combiflams and all are not very good ! avoid them !!

I hate the drop of hat kinds really hate...

Serendipity said...

Hitch, your a certified DUDE. how u manage to keep up 3 blogs, travel, work and help wife in her venture out (also, be a father) is beyond me.

Good going about the 3rd category :D

Smitha said...

I think I certainly fall into the last category - but my daughter - she has all the makings of a hypochondraic :) She loves going to the doc - and at the tiniest scrape - she's up to - 'Lets go to the doctor'! That was a nice post :)

Serendipity said...

lol. Kids are forgiven :)

Aniket said...

Oh I also fall into "The wait until last moment to go to the Doctor kinds", and am blamed a lot about being carelss for this by my parents who fall into the third category and my grandmother who herself falls in the first category, but when it comes to me and my brother takes an approach that of a person of the second category.

I hope that was not confusing.... lolzzz

Serendipity said...

haha! No,it wasnt. Im guessing its the same case with all parents/granparents.
except m dad whose in the dont go to docor AT ALL category. :)

snow said...

"Often, when told that nothing, is in fact wrong, doctors qualifications and results of the tests are questioned for Authenticity." LMAOOOO

oh btw, ouch! take care :)

n i m 'allergic' to docs lol avoid them till the last-est minute possible :D

ani_aset said...

i belong to ur category :P, i try all ayurvedic stuff thats all :D