Monday, April 27, 2009

Serendipity's guide to 'You know your turning really old when...'

  • People who you would ordinarily call 'Uncle' or 'Aunty' are now comfortable on a first name basis with you.
  • If you dare call them 'Uncle' or 'Aunty' THEY get embarrassed.
  • Little kids don't call you 'Didi' anymore. (even after imploring them to)
  • People you meet in the lift or in the building mistake you as the Young Parent of cute kid in building who your playing with. (Which when your unmarried is sacrilege in my opinion)
  • Everyone assumes your married.
  • You exit the 18-24 and enter the 24-48 age band in the Barista feedback forms :/
  • People your age somewhere in the world have kids.
  • When in conversation you say 'When I graduated 2 years ago, ...." and someone interrupts you and reminds you its been well over 5 years since graduation, and more than 10 since school.
  • You stop going to your favorite nightclub because its filled with teeny boppers who look like they aren't old enough to drive yet.
  • Teeny boppers check you out when you enter wondering what your doing there :/
  • You cannot take certain Post graduate exams cause of Government age cut offs.
  • You cant follow latest fashions in attire anymore cause its too 'high school' for your taste since yours has 'Matured' :p

Disclaimer - No offence meant to any of the older readers. Its just that Im entering a quarter life crisis :) and I'm not ready to grow up yet. They're just forcing me unnecessarily.


Hopeless Romantic said...

oh yes...i have seen this all...n experiencing the quarter life crisis all the way :)

n i did discussed that Baristaa age thing with their manager once...n they said they wld re think about it...but i guess they havent changed it still :)

Nice scribblings. ..keep penning :) visit mine :)


Utopia said...

they already call me aunty. hmphhhh! i mean the little kids in the building. eeyew and i flinch everytime.

perplexed said...

Oh I know this.. and I shouldn't be!!.. i was a teen only 2 years ago! sigh.. makes me so sad :(

J Escobar said...

why does age always worry women?
thats one of the things i will never understand :p

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Relax! 30 is the new 20! Just don't kill me on this..I know u r not 30 ;)

Imp's Mom said...

lol... I'm called aunty by all of imp's friends!! yet to get used to it...

anyways age is a state of mind! bhool gayi kya?

~The Dream Catcher~ said...

24-48 age bracket is brutal.. even to someone like me who loves aging..

A theory you could use to make yourself happy is - teeny boppers seem to be getting more immature and contrastingly your maturity puts you apart in such scenarios!!!

Anonymous said...

As long as disclaimer isn't applicable to me. *This young lady waves at almost 25 Serendipity*


Goofy Mumma said...

Don't worry, age is all in the mind! As long as you are young at heart, nothing else matters.

Aniket said...

Just a couple of days back a kid in the society said to me "Uncle, could you please pass the ball"

And it kept on resonating in my mind like it used to do in yester years movies (or current years saas-bahu serials) UNCLE- UNCle- uncle.... *sob sob*

snow said...

yikes! this post touched some nerves :S damn i don't look forward to my bdays anymore lol

muthu said...

To my eye, women get sexier around 35. They know a thing or two, and knowledge is always alluring.

- pierce brosnan.....

crisp statement... :) and couldn't agree more.

Aditya said...


So True.

Worse is when you go from the 21-25 bracket to the 26-30 one. Wait, I can't be THAT old?!

Kamana said...

These days I am standing 500 feet below the point of "Cud things get any more degrading!"
Out of the 18-24 bracket- Bad
Feeling like a chaperone for all the kids in parties- Worse.
Not Married, without Kids- Sacrilege!
Single and yet not socially active- Blasphemy!

You've touched a very raw nerve Sister!!

Serendipity said...

Hi Amit - Barista's really gonna be in for it if they dont do something about it really soon.
I wouldnt mind a 21-30 band. :D

Aye Utopia - I knowiknow. I feel like killnig thm! To top it off, I have a classmate whose married and has a son who is 4 years old. So he HAS to call me aunty, byt the same logic that i call her mom aunty. :(

Oye Pplxd. Lets trade ages. u be 25 and ill be 20. :D

@ J'Escobar - I can write a thesis on this. :D
See, men are ugly and piggy to start off with so they generally got nothin to worry about. whereas women feel like their beauty weans with age :)
Hope thats a satisfactory answer, else lemme know i got mo. :D

Serendipity said...

@ TFLady :) {sigh} I know. Was usng this argument to make a almost-30 friend feel better about himself recently. LOL.

Hi Imps mum - Thats the problem no. State-of-mind-wise Im only 20 ish. :D Unnecessarily I have to grow up.

Hiya Dreamcatcher! You love aging? I loved it when I was 12. and i could use 'Im a big girl now' logic. :D:D

Serendipity said...

@Mesoliloquy - waves back at Young lady :):):) hehehehe

Hi GM - words of reason and logic. true that. :D

Ani, Obviously whad'ya expect. If you look like an uncle what can the poor kid do. :D:D
{runs away before Aniket attacks her}

Howdyho snow! :) How're the exams etc? All done? :) Oh, Birthday fever will never lose its fervour with this woman :)

Muthu - Damn, now im sad. 35 is a L-O-N-G way off for me. {thanks god for that} :):)

Hi Adi! where are you dumbo. Update!
and yes, you are that old as of Feb :D:D
i got 6 months to go till the big two-six.

Heyyy Kamana!! lol!! :D well said.
need help with the active socialising? :)

J Escobar said...

by all means do enlighten me...

Roy said...

18 till I die??? this was brutal!

Bipita Varghese said...

I used to take tuitions 2 kill time or perhaps 4 d pocket money.. I remember some mothers calling me by my name n den teacher n den "didi".. Though i dnt kno wht caused dis transition.. But yes it never had an affect on me except my mom n few of my other frenz.. As somebody had mentioned above dat age is all in the mind!;)

karmickids said...

Is okay love, you can call me aunty. I'm officially one, you know. And I will call you child.

Anonymous said...

solilo and young ??? he he he... with a 5 year old kid... he he he.... geeee.... you know your old when you call yourself young and wave at 25 year olds !!! he he he

eye-in-sty-in said...

lol... so can I wish you a happy birthday?

ani_aset said...

i dont want to grow up :D, lovely post