Monday, April 20, 2009

It was me :S

If anyone saw a woman in the front seat of a Lorry filled to the brim with the entire contents of her home with 5 men on the roof, whilst herself occupying passenger seat in the lorry, gesticulating wildly to prevent aforementioned lorry being driven into people and other vehicles, at the hands of seemingly amateur driver, It was me.

How did I land up in this predicament? We were shifting everything from our (old) house to our (new) home on Saturday, everything except ourselves i.e. Since Grihapravesh Puja Muhurat denied us our official entry until Sunday. This being a new building, there tend to be teething issues such as discovery of certain chipped tiles, a small scratch on the fresh paint(which to my oh-so-particular Dad is nothing short of a crime), water supply yet to be turned on etc hence My dad went ahead to the new house in the morning to supervise, which left me in Charge of operations at the old house (where all the action was unfolding).

Mom and Brother both were feeling sick, presumably due to all the action of the past few days. Which meant I had two additional responsibilities to take charge of. Anyway, I was supposed to accompany the movers and packers (me: cab, they:truck) when everything was loaded to the new house. Once things were done, packed and loaded, my old house bare as bare, I wrote down my new address to the head packer (?) who had NO idea where what. Now, My address is pretty simple. It has a 5 star hotel as a Landmark, the signal is well known, for a movie theatre exists there since the last 50 years I should think. All in all, anyone travelling in Mumbai will have SOME idea of the near abouts of the landmarks at least! This man had none. to which I decided it will be a safer bet to explain the directions to the driver himself, thereby eliminating the middle man and also averting possible delay due to losing the way. Driver = clueless. Packer 2= clueless. so on to packers number 3, 4, 5. All new definition to NOT knowing.

Since the last thing I really wanted was my stuff, 6 men and a Lorry getting lost (and by the looks of it, they would've) I decided Id just get into the front seat of the lorry and save myself the exasperation of sitting in a cab driving at 5-7 kmph to keep up with the truck (max speed = 12kmph).

That's NOT all. Going by the events of this journey, its safe to surmise that the driver mustve been driving for the first time since he got his license. We had to cross one flyover which he decided his truck would manage at the 4th gear. (HOW??) Much groaning and grunting of frayed truck later, (and a lot of mental 'calm down Serendipity' later) I asked him to downshift to second. Wonder of wonders, the truck picked up. (Sheesh)

Next. Heavy vehicles must (NOT) occupy right hand side of lane. Or should they? Many Many fantic 'Bhaiyaa aap left se chalaiye' 's later, I took to ferociously waving my left hand out of the window signaling our descent towards the appropriate lane, reaching which for some reason, he would move to the R.H.S. again. {Serendipity was praying HARD at this point for some patience, and asking help to shun the 'I should drive this vehicle thoughts' from her head)

It struck me at this time, How boyish I still am. I was wearing old oversized jeans (which I'm filling up fast owing to the piling on of some) and my dads oversized Blue 'How to Speak Australian' By Fosters (Australian fo Beeyah) :D t-shirt and sneakers. Waist long hair and a recent affinity towards pinks and reds and compliments inclined towards good looks (as opposed to buddy/one of the guys and the likes) has not overpowered the gate climbing, oversized jeans and shirt wearing boycut girl of yonder. Although I did cringe at EXTREMELY cute guy parked in my lobby, whose cuteness I was unaware of and walked upto his car clad in above mentioned clothes and a pony as high up on my head as can be imagined, to ask if my lorry was a bother and to tell him ill only take a few more minutes, since I had taken to hoisting chairs and furniture myself as well. He gave me a 'Don't worry, take your time' smile and a thumbs up. Id rather have sunk through the floor or even better, rushed home, showered, perfumed and reappeared in the flash of a second. {sigh} (Also, Boy Am I glad A doesn't read this blog :P else my arse would've been grass by now. And coming to the point, he should no? Are'nt all boyfriends supposed to? hmmpff. lol)

Oh it was a MAD ride. At the end of which I was very graciously told 'Madamji, aap gaadi chalati acche se chalati hongi. isliye appko sab kuch aata hai'
Needless, driver was forgotten for the monstrosity that was the ride that instant.


Aniket said...

ROFL... :-D

Wonderful description of the series of events. :-D

And generally, heavy vehicles are supposed to be on RHS. :-D So poor driver was doing "something" right. :) But going up the flyover on 4th gear is a bad bad idea. :-D

And as for 'A' not reading your blog is in a way good. Because if one ever opens up or even writes a fiction story .. the counterpart always wonders.... how much of it is fiction and how much of it is inspired form real life?

That restricts you imagination and puts a leash on your thoughts. We don't want that do we?? :-D

Goofy Mumma said...

LOL! Some experience that must have been!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

hats off 2 ur sense of adventure! :D

snow said...

well written Seren! funny too :D i kept thinking the same, you might as well just drive the lorry yourself lol oh and about that cute guy, don't they always appear just when you are looking your not-so-hot *sigh* :D

Aditya said...

Your boyfriend shouldn't just know, but he should approve as long as the guy was really cute. But the guy better have been cute!

(oh and your test post via mobile worked, so did Google Reader ;) )

eye-in-sty-in said...

Hey B, I think the movers just wanted you to ride with them.. hee hee hee
Further proof was given by you when the driver tried to impress you by making the huge vehicle groan and moan in 4th gear... lol! :D
It could be your cute looks or it could be the T-shirt! After all, all men like beer :P
which hotel?

The knife said...

packers and movers form the most traumatic part of house shifting. i can completely relate to what you are saying. And imagine what it will be for inter city folks given that our shifts were within the same locality and yours was in the same city.

They often suck the happiness and excitement of a house shift.

Anyway thats over now so congrats on the shift and which five star is this, riddler :)

Serendipity said...

HI Ani! No we dont. so we go back to him not reading it :D

heavy vehicles on the right? NO WAY. u wait, ill meet you and drive in front of you and see.

@TFLady! thankeeverymujh. :D

Yo Snow! :) Ya man. whats up with dat. firstly there are barely any good looking men around. then the one odd chap u spot incidentally you (i) look like you just finished working under the hood of a car. :S life's NO FAIR.

Serendipity said...

Aditya -hahahaha! D-A-M-N. I almost flipped when i saw my mail signature on the post! :S


Hello Knife :) thankee! and thats for me to know and you to find out!

utopia said...

hehehe! i couldn't help but laugh at the adventure/misadventure :-).

Serendipity said...

Ello Utopia! Your laughing now!! I wanted to KILL someone than. :D

eye-in-sty-in said...

SO did you drive the truck or not?

Serendipity said...

lol. IMAGINE if I wudve. :D
nah, the biggest car Ive driven is a friends Scorpio. and LOVED IT!

eye-in-sty-in said...

I think you too would have driven it on the RHS :P

J Escobar said...

Fosters! Australian fo beeyah..classic!
its marketed as an Australian beer but nobody here drinks it...

sounds like an eventful day :)

Serendipity said...

@ EISI - Definitely not in 4th gear though. :D

@ J'Escobar - lol. that was their tagline though :) so, what do Australians drink? ;)

Renovatio said...

I was so shocked that I could drive in fifth gear in Bombay. This was just shy of that road that leads to Peddar road.

dipali said...

Despite all the horror, it still sounds like fun, riding in a truck!Hope the moving glitches are all sorted out.

Imp's Mom said...

ROTFL!!! should have taken a pic woman! Mighty adventurous :D

Serendipity said...

YelloReno :) That road that leads to Peddar road, you mean the Haji Ali road? :D:D

@Dipali! Moving glitches are being ironed out slow and steady!

Hi Imps mom! - lol. At the time I was SO frazzled I was only thinking of six things.

J Escobar said...

Yes, that is indeed their tagline :)

Australians drink anything from Carlton Draft, Tooheys Extra Dry, XXXX Gold, Emu Export, Little Creatures (its locally brewed), Victoria Bitter (VB). They will drink anything that is strong, non of that American crap :p and that is just the beer :)

Mayz said...

wow travellin in d front seat of a does it feel??

i mean seriously it wud give a "i am the king of this road" kinda feel...

Solilo said...

Ha....ha...ha.. your adventure sounds like fun.

You should have done a Lorry dance like those pelvic thrusts of the 90s.

Imp's Mom said...

did u feel like the king of the road looking down on the meekly subjects?

Serendipity said...

Hey MAYZ - Hellyeah!

Hi Solilo! LOL!! Pelvic thrusts!!! :D

Helloo Imps mum - Totally did. Now if only the cabin had been airconditioned and the truck less tacky looking :D