Monday, December 8, 2008

Chappar Phad ke?

I believe in God. I do. I believe that there's a larger picture, and that destiny will overtake you, no matter what you do. I believe that he loves each one of us, and that there's always something in store. I also believe that when your time is up, you gotta go.

You could be a careful driver, a safe pedestrian or a paranoid parent. You could have a fireproof, shockproof, burglar proof, natural calamities proof home or office, but you of your family could die eating at your favorite restaurant. In today's day, when terror is in our faces, in my backyard, and was staring my dad in the face, we need to be terror-proof. How?

There are times I do question God. I question my blind belief in the 'Whatever happens happens for the best theory'. Like today. At work, someone was telling me about how her dad escaped death because he randomly missed the bus (which he catches each and every day) one particular day, and that's the day the bus had a horrific accident and nearly everyone died. 'There is a god', she said 'and he saved my father'. That sentence was enough for me to wonder -- the families of everyone else who perished must also have prayed for their safety, for their life.. what about them? I wonder if they stopped believing in god. Or do you say 'This too happened for the best?"

My dad was safe. And when people I meet say, 'Thank God, all went well' I stare dumbfounded - 'Did everything go well?' NO. I have a friend who lost her cousin and his wife who have two small kids (who, are busy making fake phone calls on plastic phones to their parents since they cant understand what death is) at Tiffin, a friends friend who lost her entire family, is battling 5 bullet injuries, let me not even begin on Hemant and Ashok uncle and so many other stories from near and dear ones.

I have a strange superstition that I hear of deaths in 3's. (other than natural calamities/terror attacks/unexplained tragedies). Im waiting to be proven wrong. 3 deaths between Thursday-Friday. 3 today already... (all unrelated to the terror attacks ironically). Its like they say .. 'Dene waala jab deta hai to deta chappar phad ke' (when he gives, he gives in abundance).

Some respite from bad news please. For me and these families and Mumbai. Strength to retain belief, to withstand, move on and rebuild. Peace, of mind and heart - for we need some in the midst of all this tumult. Some alone time at Siddhivinayak without being jostled around for space.

As if grappling with events of the past weeks, and the aftermath which brought no solace, there are other events to deal with. Weddings, Engagements -- which will go on, and must (should) be attended. I'm torn between what I'm feeling inside, and the thought that its someones happy day and he/she cant live in the past. To be honest, I cant see myself going, simply because Id rather not be a wet-blanket, go to a wedding and have a long face. It simply isn't fair. What to do?


Smita said...

I can understand your woes, I mean I was in now way directly affected but when I read these stories my heart bleeds but you have faced the situation up close.

But at the risk of sounding insensitive I would say that the only way to move forward is to attend these days. Trust me you'll not be a wet blanket. You/ we have to come out of the grief and the only way for that is to think about different things.

Cheer up :-)

Aditya said...

oh damn, s, i wish i could say something to make you feel better. I don't have the words.

Please take care.

Mumbai Diva said...

Hey, I've got something for you on my blog....sincerely hope it cheers you up. It's the butterfly pick it up.

Imp's Mom said...

the day the mumbai attacks happened, I had to attend a wedding, numb was just one of the things I was feeling. But we must go on and think of other things... sometimes in the happiness of others we might find a little happiness in bad times like these...

Imp's Mom said...

take care...

Pinku said...

Life is more important than death...happiness must triumph over sadness otherwise those terror mongers shall win...dont give them the oppurtunity!!!

God bless!

Serendipity said...

Hi Smita and Imp's mom - I went! And im glad i did, cause beign surrounded by so much positivity really made it impossible to be upset.
The bride was SOO INSANELY excited that there was nothign i could do except feel a warm rush of joy!

Ad - Hey, Im ok. Im a fire sign, so i can take on anything :)

@ Mumbai Diva - thank you so much! (It did cheer me up) And its my first one, so itll be super special :):)

@ Pinku - its strange, I told someone the exact same thing a few days ago. Its just tough to practice what you preach.