Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The What nows & What nexts

2 weeks its been. And yet, it feels like yesterday. The Anger, the feeling of futility, of haplessness, of the WHAT NOW? and WHAT NEXT? My last blog post was actually an email I sent out all the people I know. I noticed a pattern.
  • The People who never replied - Not that Im mistaking this for cowardice, or Nonchalance. But everyone who it made a difference to, has written back/called/sms'd saying it was good/made a difference or something of the sort. And its encouraging, to know at least a few would take it up, even little by little. That was the whole point.
  • The People who did reply - Everyone said the same things --thats its up to the youth, that they're angry too, they wanted to reach out, it starts with us citizens etc. Each one of them had pent up anger, disgust and disbelief that something like this could happen to us. It made me happy that there is in fact, so much collective energy to be tapped... that when the time comes, WE CAN, and WE WILL stand together, and stand tall.
  • Those who are abroad - I have had long conversations on the phone with at least 10 of my friends settled abroad post the terror attacks. The feeling of their city, home and family being violated while they are sitting so far away, the helplessness and anger in their voices was palpable. An Indian friend who lives in the US originally from the North, visibly shaken up through his mail replied to me about how devastated he was that his country was held at siege, and how trapped he felt being away. His last line was that he wanted to help out, to come back .. to find some meaning to his Indianness. This really struck a chord.
  • The trivialists - Good mail, well written were a few compliments. Completely bypassing the topic, with no mention of the subject of what was written at all. Wondering why Im so affected even though my Dads safe. Laughing off my whole Im yet not out of it space. I cant understand how some peoples mentalities can be so small that they're state of being is affected only be the wellbeing of their near and dear ones.
  • Finally, the ones to count on - The one's who didnt bother telling me about well written or not, the ones who spoke with me about the content, their thoughts, their determined voices asking me for ways to help/reach out/be involved. A new breed of responsible citizens is now born. Take a deep breath, and wait. You will be needed.

So what now?

Mr Kasab and his Biryani wanting, Mother Missing, forgiveness craving rants. Should we defend him? We're stuck in a Moral Dilemna. " Free legal assistance at state cost is a fundamental right of a person accused of an offence which may involve jeopardy to his life or personal liberty,'' said a three judge bench of the Supreme Court in a landmark judgment of 1986 in Sukhdas vs Union Territory of Arunachal Pradesh. Ironically this is under the 'Right to Life' act.

If I had my way, I would milk him for all the information he has, and BEHEAD him. Until we execute terrorists and show them that we're talking Business, no one will take us seriously. But then again, Im just an Angry young girl. We need to have years and years of legal proceedings for terrorists and criminals who ultimately most of the imes walk scot free, BECAUSE THATS THE LAW. I forgot. my bad. Lets keep him, feed him, let him write letters to his mother, pamper him, give his terrorist friends time to come up with a rescue plan for him. A Hijacking perhaps?

Today, I am full of disgust. Of dread, of the feeling of impending doom. Armed security guards with heavy loaded guns have become a way of our life now. If the CISF act is amended in the Parliament today (16th dec 08), we will be able to see CISF security, the kinds we see outside Airports, Parliaments etc, outside Private Institutions like hotels etc too. While I think this is certainly necessary (given by the rejoice in dads voice), I cannot believe we've entered a day and age when we need to enter a hotel greeted by armed commandos, have our bags and self screened and checked, just to watch a movie, or grab a bite to eat.

'Its a global phenomena' Aj said when we spoke about this yesterday. And its true, the world, in all its glory (?) is taking terrorism forth year on year, with the footprint only getting stronger, wider and denser as each year goes by. Find a safe haven. I dare you. A place unaffected. a city untouched. If you do, keep it to yourself, Because its just a matter of time...

**wanted to hear some views, whats your opinion on Mr. Kasab getting legal aid? Ive heard the experts and the journalists battle it out on the news , what do you as a common citizen want?


Jeba Singh Emmanuel said...

Good points you make here. However I hope you would reconsider your stand on the 'Right to Life' act. Well, you could say catching a terrorist red-handed is kind of a unique situation, but what about those hundreds of innocents who are just made scape goats? The police is not with enough integrity to trust them not to use the law to just put people away their politician masters deem uncomfortable? The problem rather is the slow legal process. IF the existing laws are implemented effectively, they are IMHO nearly sufficient.

Additionally I can understand the anger at this stage, but a cool headed analysis before asking for any laws form the Government is required. We might end up regretting what we asked for. One good article I hope you read is http://www.osce.org/item/15289.html

And no, having armed commandos outside civilian structures is just a stop gap measure at best. The terrorists will just strike at an unguarded structure or worse hit with better equipment. The fundamentals are where we need to go solve this crisis and the rot which is beginning to show up.

Digistrom said...

I posted a long, angry (and rather disjointed) rant to your last post but there was a technical bleep and it was lost.

Kasab should be kept alive to rot his life away behind bars, it's what the jihadis dread. There's a symbolic value attached to him but other than that he's just one guy, a single unit out of a worldwide manufacturing plant. From what i hear he was brain-washed into believing that once a jihadi dies his face glows coz he's no less than a saint, he had a serious reality check when he was shown the mangled face of his companion. He's a fool who was used by his makers. We can call him as a monster he's also just a pawn, and a neutralized one at that.

The real threat is the guys who call the shots and convert innocent village kids (Abdul Kasab was NOT born a terrorist) into remorseless maniacs. We can execute Kasab (and we should, if that plays strategically to OUR advantage) but it's not hard for 10 more to come by. If we must execute him it must be without any sort of religious ceremony or burial. Let the next guy down the chain wonder whether he will truly go to Allah or some halfway house meant for dead child-killers where the only virgins to share his bed will be his disfigured buddies.

The govt. is already doing its best to pressurize Pakistan, that end is covered. What we as Indian citizens need to do is get our own house in shape and all I'm hearing is a lot of stray well-meaning thoughts with the end result being a cacaphony and I'm scared that it'll eventually mellow and die down coz there's nothing the Bombayite does better than get immersed in his day-to-day life and lose sight of the big picture. We need to be angry and vindictive against this impotent government which has let this city down time and again and not provided us with basic security and justice, whether it's the outcome of the MNS incidents or 26/11. To do this we need to speak as ONE and we need a uniting force - a person, an organization, whatever form her/she/it comes in and I don't see anyone high-profile stepping up. Wouldn't it be nice if say a few respected citizens quit their jobs to form a political organization? They'd win by a landslide in Bombay. Why not a similar movement on a nation-wide scale? Maybe I'm completely naive in thinking this is feasible but it's the only way out I see of the state our country is in. Going out to vote and ticking the name of the lesser crook doesn't seem like a very realistic solution either.

Nirav said...

To be honest, as a citizen, I would echo your sentiment. I would want to hang the bastard in public after we get all relevant info out of him.

However, if you step into the shoes of the government and the administration, the fact remains that we are a democracy. And in a democracy, every individual (whether citizen of the country or not) is entitled to legal support in case of a trial.

What can be done though, is to hold a landmark fast-track trial in a special court, which gets over in the matter of days and the sonovabitch is hanged in a month. THAT would be the right thing to do, and I hope that is what is done.

Anonymous said...

madame wish granted. come have a look :)

Abhishek said...

I dunno if we want to sound politically right when we talk about giving legal aid to Kasab. Has he even asked it or the Government is keen on showing how truly it follows the law! If that would have been the case , it should stop intervening and twisting the laws in other cases as it always does. Instructing the CBI to go easy on Mulayam singh yadav coz he supports their government is not what I expect from my government, especially when they talk about having an anti-terror agency!!! I have no trust and faith that the ruling power will dictate how this agency should be run and whom it should detain and which terrorists can be treated with more respect!

Right now, I just dont seem to trust ANY of the government's motive or action. I dont even understand the way they are dealing with Pakistan. And in the middle of everything, they are talking about legal aid for Kasab. Why are we giving him publicity???? What the hell is wrong with our mentalities now? Leave him to the police, intelligence agencies to get their information. Why is anyone not demanding the PM to resign, this government to act fast enough, more articulately and be accountable. Why are we letting the politicians divert our attention towards Pakistan and forget for the time being that it is our POLITICIANS who need to be prosecueted first. Those 10 people came in to our country, because we let them. We ignored intelligence threats and did not do the necessary to prevent those actions. Why are all those who were responsible for looking after those things not being held accountable?

This thing is fading away..We are going to forget what our system did to us in a few weeks when we start celebrating the New Year. Forget about Kasab. Kill him, milk him or fuck him. But first make me feel secure in my country. Do that first. I want your NSG commando Mr. Defence Minister. We need a revolution now! Its getting too depressing to see all this shit , right in my backyard!!!

Abhishek said...

You know what... Our government needs to do this. The PM, Defence Minister and External Affairs Minister answer questions posed to them by the common man. We should have it televised on national television and make them answer without those pre-written and read out speeches that they make.

Serendipity said...

@ Jeba - thanks for the article. And your right, stop gap measure it is. Each time they manage to catch us off guard somewhere or the other. Air/Sea/Rail..What all can we fortify.

What we need is AIRTIGHT border security. Which is a mammoth, formidable task, but its the ONLY WAY.

Hi Digistorm - Im guessing you managed to salvage the comment?
I have so much to say. I completely agree with you - these guys arent afraid of death, in fact they see death as the next step - to 'Jannat'. hence what punishment can you even set for them that will truly hit where it hurts the most. People who have trained him - Zakir-ur-Rahman etc dont give a crap about him. He was an executioner, a mere messenger of their ghoulish schemes and what possibly lies in store.

I wouldnt say the goverment is doing its best to pressurize Pak, Id say the efforts are timid and weak at best. None of our leaders SOUND like they mean Business, A.K Anthony has ruled out the possibility of war (irrespective) of PAKISTANS CO-operation. Pakistan continues to ignore and deny, and we continue to insist. Whats new.

"Wouldn't it be nice if say a few respected citizens quit their jobs to form a political organization?" (its work in progress ;)my friend Just a matter of time. )

Nirav - My dad was explaning this to me. How basically a trial is needed so someone can proclaim him 'guilty' and he can be nailed. You need a 'declaration' and a signed stamp paper. He also spoke of how a fast track court should wind up in about 2 months time, with eye witness accounts from ezch location, and seal the deal.

Now with the amendments to the new POTA like law, lets see how it goes.

Abhishek - We cant remain leaderless. And slowly, but surly people are waking up. A national Investigative agency, on the lines of the FBI has been proposed and will most likely be tabled in the parliament today (17th dec). Also, a more stringent terror law is also on the cards.

For now, lets keep the faith, and the anger. and USE IT.

Also, i felt the need for a disclaimer. I didnt meant to judge anybody for their responses/non responses to my mail and whats wriiten in this post were just observations I had. Other than that if anyone was rubbed the wrong way, then you really ought to know Im not demeaning you for your actions.

Smita said...

Nothing has happened to Mr. Afzal (the man involved in the parliament terror attack) politicians are busy earning brownie points by playing politics-2...

Sometimes I feel so frustrated with the political situation that my blood boils..and I agree with ur idea of beheading him. When these buggers have no hesitation in mercilessly killing innocent ppl then why shud they be spared???

Him getting legal aide?? I believe he doesn't deserve a life...

Serendipity said...

Hi Smita - Yep. He wants the Presidents Pardon. (I feel we shouldnt forgive him for missing most of the MP's).
And im of the opinion that Kasab doesnt deserve legal aid either.

Infact if u read the paper today, the kin of the dead terrorists have been asked to come and collect the bodies as Mumbai doesnt want even the bodies to be buried on its soil...

hitch writer said...

Legal Aid !! Sure... why not...

Double BED !! sure why not....

Mr Kasab... please also give your appointment for your trial in court....

Yes yes what next !!!

Serendipity said...

@ Hitch writer - Oh yeah. Maybe some bollywood movies to pass time no?
Turns our he's stopped co-operating with the investogators now. Maybe he wnats ice cream.