Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Face of Change?

Mr. Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister, Maharashtra. B.Sc., M.B.A. Son of former CM (late) S.B Chavan. T0 Quote (outraged) Mr. Rane 'What Qualification does he (Ashok Chavan) have except be the son of a former CM (S.B. Chavan)'

Mr. Chhagan Bhujbal, Deputy CM, Maharashtra. Trying to find Qualifications, but found some vague mentions of 'Electrical/Mechanical Engineering'. This qualifies for a qualification, and then some.

So this is what our 'Peace March' and 'Voice of Mumbai', anger, angst, outrage led to?? The appointment of one politician whom we've never had opportunity to judge. (I couldnt think of a past record - good or bad), and one tainted, corrupt, money laundering politician.

The future looks grim. Mr. Deputy C.M. in all earnestness (did i say earnestness? I meant crooky shady trying to gain trust attitude, for lack for worse words) has ordered Rs. 100 crore of security equipment, sophisticated arms and ammunition, speedboats and what not. How much of this will reach his pockets and earn him another college I wonder?
I am angry. I certainly expected more from this. Was it too much to ask for. I feel helpless. To be juggled from one crook to another. Politics in India has become a joke. What qualifications do these people have? Simply being someones son or daughter seems to be enough. How do we put an end to this? I don't see one in sight. And to think I'm a fairly optimistic person.
How is it that they get away with this? I'm simply at a loss for words, and so infuriated right now that coherent words and reasonable logic is failing me. How can a person, who is a public servant, earn as much as a senior management in a good company be worth over 100 crores, own schools/colleges etc? HOW? Nearly all our politicians own schools/colleges right now.. be it Datta Meghe, Bhujbal, Manohar Joshi, D. Y Patil, all have Flourishing 'Founder and Chairman' tags with money rolling in through he side door. Of the 131 private unaided colleges in Maharashtra, almost 100 are owned by politicians, including Ministers. Other than the few names I mentioned before, ex-Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh also owns an institution in Mumbai, Nationalist Congress Party leader Sharad Pawar owns three, while his son owns one, and Pawar's close associates own another five. Former Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao's son Rajeshwar Rao controls an education society in Nagpur. source
Every morning I wake up with the same feeling - anger. Every morning I leave home and spend my train journey wondering what to do with my frustration, how to keep this spirit alive.
One of my friends Uncle's is a lawyer whom I want to meet and understand the RTI, how to invoke it, what my rights are, how to go about it and other such things. If anyones interested, do let me know maybe I can figure something out. Want to follow up on Our Rs. 100 crore and its whereabout after a few months, as also the other security measures that have been promised.
There's also something else I need to figure out. Todays TOI reported that only the firemen at Taj are getting an increment, because apparently it was much riskier there as opposed to Trident, CST, Nariman house. Im of the opinion that all the guys who spent 3 days dousing fires, and putting their life on the line ought to be rewarded. Want to start a citizen donation/citizen reward type trust where we can all contribute whatever amount we feel like, and give all these guys a reward 'FROM US', 'From Mumbai' a thank you and a mark of recognition. Am at a loss of ideas of how to go about it, since would need help from a big media/corporate as wouldnt want anyone questioning where the money is going in.
If anyone has any suggestions, do drop me a line. Lets take this forward, and keep the spirit alive.


Abhishek said...

The problem with us, the common man is we forget very quickly. In a few months time the public would have forgetten the mumbai attacks, it would be election season and everyone would be listening to false promises.

I was disgusted when Chagan Bhujbal was made the Dy.Cm. This was the same guy who was made to leave office because of the Telgi Scandal. What morality does he have to regain the same office again? Sheer Caste Politics! A guy from the OBC caste is made the DY.CM so that in the next elections the vote bank stays safe!

Is everything about politics for our politicians? Shame on us and the system. Is it because none of them got killed that they can be so insensitive? Is it because they think that the common man is too occupied in his struggle for food, shelter and money that he doesnt give a damn whos looking for his safety.

I thought the Mumbai Incident would have made their souls realize that they are partly human. But NO. It stings to see such moves, such politics. I feel those 179 people who died, the countless Indians who suffered the trauma, we have been treated like shit again. And unless we decide to have a revolution, this is not going to stop. I dunno where we are going, but I know for sure it is not the path we want to travel as a nation!

We need a clean up of our system! Bigtime!

Abhishek said...

I think its a great idea. But I dont know if involving a big media/corporate would be the right idea because howmuch ever we say they are biased and aligned to politicians in someway or the other.

If we can do it as citizens, it would be great. Register as an NGO or take help from an NGO and start a campaign for donations. IT will take a lot of resources to make this possible but I seriously doubt if taking help from the media/corporate will suit your or my morals. Right now, I dont trust any of these people. They are just cashing in on whatever has happened.

Smita said...

I agree, the future for sure looks bleak. These politicians think that by placing new jokers up there they can make us forget that some wrong was done.

Buying new gadgest, my foot!!! Can that get back the life's we have lost? How is it that just by resigning they are punished??? Why are they not really answerable???

And I liked your idea of pooling in money, you can count me in. We need to work out how to do it...

Imp's Mom said...

An echo of what is going on in all of our minds... and you have a great idea here! Kiran another blogger has started this -->

Serendipity said...

Abhishek - WE wont forget. Its up to you and me to make sure we dont.

Smita - we are currently involved in something, if youd like to join, drop me a line, I can contact and let you know...

Imps mom - yep, Kiran has a fantastic effort going on. we met :)