Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Its not everyday...

That you meet someone, who does something so extraordinary with so much ease, that you realize, that yeah, you can do it too.

Meet Kiran Manral, mom of one (fondly called the brat) in her words 'A concerned citizen. And a mom. Trying to help those she can to the best of her abilities'. Shes started the India Helps blog of which today, I am also a part. It started with Mumbai helps... and moved on to India Helps. We are just a few people, bound by love for our city, concern for the affected, and a restless urge for doing something which will help us move past this feeling of futility.

We're all doing stuff... in our own way. And this is just a start. Each one of the women who attended the meetings so far, is driven, dedicated and confident - about helping, and making a change.
Kirans effort is inspiring - she started off with nothing, and we strangers have just come together with a bond that overwrites not knowing each other, for the cause we are workign towards. You can see what we're upto on the website I've linked before. also working on a badge for the blog and other enhancements... not only to the blog, but also to the cause.

If you want to contribute in whichever way, drop me or any of the team members on the website a line, we can figure it out. Thanks Kiran, for a wonderful effort... you've certainly inspired me.


Smita said...

Breezed through the site, an excellent initiative indeed. Will go through it at leisure and see how I can put in my efforts there.

karmickids said...

Its not me. I have done nothing. Its all of you who are going out there, in the heat in the slums, talking to people, taking time out, and rolling up your sleeves who are doing this. What could I do if it werent for all of you?

Serendipity said...

Smita - that would be great! :)

Kiran - Please, take a bow. And I know, greater things lie in store. We'll make it happen.