Monday, July 23, 2007

A Befitting last day...

I am fairly terrible at saying goodbye's - specially to people i love. "Replacement therapy" is my tactic. i "replace" the sadness with some other highly inappropriate trademarks of mine - humour, sarcasm or plain obliviousnessness.

Sunday i had to say goodbye to someone... something i had been dreading since a long time. Goodbyes are temporary things i feel.. cos the person never really goes away.. he just makes the transition from the physical world to the little one inside my head, where things are more fun anyway. Heck, Roger Fedrer is my neighbour for cryin out loud! I managed miserably cracking some strange (im sorry) jokes about haircuts, gym, flab tyres and what not.

So this goodbye was accompanied by a beautiful drive through the rain. Just what the doctor ordered. "Give these part-ees one rainsoaked ferociously beautiful day" rain for me and Sun for him. (alas, he's a sunshine person)

Also, this innate ability to say "Im ok" with a facefull of tears is something im trying to overcome. but c'mon d'you really expect me to say "No i'm not you big galoot, im miserable, dont go ill die without you, who'll do thisnthat (make quotes about kind thoughtful actions performed by the individual) for me", accompanied by more bawls? come to think of it, it might actually help. must try next time. maybe gifts will accompany. men are gullible anyway. slightest sign of tears and theyre thinking "whatdoidowhatdoido, i swear i dint mean it, its all my fault, your pretty" etc. heh heh

Its the persons fault anyway. the going away-er is the one to blame. who asked them to decide to make their life millions and millions of miles away when all they've ever needed is right here? why should the stay-back-er have to bear this unpallitative painlessness that separation brings? lol.

Apparently, distance makes the hearts grow fonder.


Abhishek said...

Well I guess its just not the stay-back-er(I liked the term)who goes through the pain and wait, it also the one who goes far away does it...You cant get so ego centric and forget his emotions!!! Btw when am I gettin my swatch?? And you were supposed to reply to emails!!! Get in touch!!! Don blame me the next time I come down ok...I have things to accuse too :P

david mcmahon said...

Hi Serendipity,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.

I've enjoyed going through your posts. You have a flair for presenting topics that strike a chord.

That's a lovely shot you've used with this post - is it one you took?

If so, why not display more of your photography on the site.

It's been a while (four years) since I was in Mumbai, a city of many friends and many, many wonderful memories.

Do keep in touch ...

Keep smiling


The Nomad said...

That, and they say ...
Distance is to love what wind is to fire.Extinguishes the small, rekindles the great :)

Having said that, it does and it doesn't get easier (had been in a long-distance fr abt 3 years so I can safely say this) but then ... the pain and the prize,remember?

Jack Sparrow said...

I completely agree with The Nomad, it will not get easier. But having said that, you have the choice of not making things any more difficult than they need to be. Stick with this guy, 'coz I'm sure he's got the patience of a cow :) (which is something you need in your significant other hehe)

Also, think about how difficult it must have been for him to leave, as you so well stated, "all they've ever needed" behind. This guy must have some greater plan in mind, and I'm sure you're a part of it ! Good for you ! :)

P.S. - This explained a lot. Thanks.

P.P.S. - Sunshine over rain anyday !!

The Nomad said...

Hey Jazz ... I would have to side with Mr. Sparrow there, stick with this guy, I say! He sounds like someone who deserves to be with this reallly realllly special lady!I'm sure the reverse is also true ... but then, I'm YOUR friend :)

Jack Sparrow said...

Garnering support I see :)

Say, what's that on your finger there ?

The Nomad said...

Ya ...what's that? Ohhh wait ... let me get my shades on! Whatever it is seems to be glittering with emotion :)