Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Enchanted woods..

A weekend of firsts was my post which was mercifully saved by auto save in my draft items. its so strange, its about nothign much but i was so upset last night when i did i dont-know-what and suddenly my post consisted of all of the following wordds -"dy" i was too upset to re-write and it doesnt come out as ncie anyway.

So whats the Enchanted woods?its a book that was gifted to me today by V cos i was sick (also cos i still read Edid Blytons off and on) ! Its actually a compilation - The faraway tree, the enhanted woods, and the folk of the faraway tree all in one. (my fav kinds -3-in-ones, its a lesser hassle to find the sequels that way).

Man, what i'd love most about these books other than the fairies, gnomes, elves and children was the FOOD. they would always describe these elaborate midnight feasts or simply some sort of revelry that involved food items that id' read and instant crave. Vanilla scones, (i dint even know WHAT those were then, they just souded yummy), Jam tarts, bacon and side of ham for breakfasts, chocolate pies and trifle pudding. jeez. there's that craving again.

On a different note, I finally decided that Roger (Federer) is the guy im marrying in the pretend world. lol. im amazed at how gracious he is. he's ferocious on court, but a real gentleman off it. somehow he reminds me of our very own Hrithik Roshan who i think has the same kind of humility and modesty coupled with drop dead good looks thats an irresistible comnibation. watching him play is a real treat to say the least. Another sport im hooked to - F1!
Raikkonen + Ferrari = goodstuff!!!!!! Ive always wanted that combination - i think the man was a god always. to be fair, Alonso's good too, but Kimi has come from back of the grid to the top 5 so many times its amazing.

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Ashwin said...

I remember reading the Enchanted series a really long time ago. The only thing I remember from the series is the saucepan man!