Monday, July 2, 2007

Serial Chiller!!

There are times that i just dont know how to begin my post.. once the first sentence is out of the way it gets easier. Its days like this that make me wanna be home with a good book and Chaai.

I watched 15 episodes of sex and the city back to back during the course of saturday night and Sunday. a certified Tv Zombie. girlfriends are underrated i think - the four women (Miranda , Carrie, Charlotte and Samamtha ) somehow always have the time to catch up every day over breakfasts, lunches, gay night clubs, dinners, just name a fun activity and odds are they would've done it. The fun they have when they[re just the four of then is incredible - men ruin that equation. i also liked that no man as allowed to join that group except Carrie's xtremel serious boyfriend. Turns out theres a lot of sex in sex and the city (i was under the impression "whats in a name" and assumed it will be the lives of four women with connotations of sexual innuendos etc - now come'on even friends has indirect references"). Needless to say i was scandalised on more than one occasion.

i am also no longer eligible to say "no" when ased if ive watched any porn. since this sitcom had many graphic (short) visuals that had us (S and I) blush to a deep shade of magenta. my answer now shall shift to a sheepish "a bit" if asked that question. i think its overrated anyway.
The funny part is that we live in India, with our lives NOTHING like any if these womens and social situations nothing like the four women live in, but we identified with one character or the other and all the fundas of love. (im charlotte for the people who've ever watched it).

Its a must watch for men as well - it lets you get an insight into our very very complex algorithmic minds. Some of my fav quotes - "We're 30 and single - there's no place for us in this world" or "Swear on Chanel you wont tell anyone" or "I think Soul Mates are actually Torture devices" and many manymore which obviously wont pop to my mind cos im writing about it. they will dawn on me when im on a train or at gym or some raondom time when im far far away from a computer and able to post them.


Jack Sparrow said...

Chiller schmiller :P

You wasted precious hours.

Even though it was warranted at the time.

Just another Indian said...

well!! life s much more than SEx and the City or even Life in a City ,,, while it's all good for the fun of it .. but i dont think there s any substance to it .. at least not in terms of relating it to the woman that one is ... ..
would u believe and live the way women live in this country ...and then imagine a concept just abt ..

Rohan said...

I like sex and the city. I also know that a lot of women like to imagine themselves as charlotte coz shes the most dainty and feminine of the bunch. :)

Rohan said...

my fav quote is one Miranda makes when she's pissed at some kids "You know, the witch in hansel and Gretel is really misunderstood. She spends her whole life building her dream house, tries to live far away from annoying neighbours and then these brats come and start tearing it apart. is it any wonder she wants to kill them?" :)

Rohan said...

On a side note...I think porn is overrated too. But thats a discussion for another day :)