Thursday, July 12, 2007

Games people play!!

I was on this post which triggered off a lot of old memories... Memories of ridiculous fun with a bunch of crazyy friends. A few of my favourite moments -

This one time, we were playing Pictionary (at Barista) and the word was "Room mate". it was my teams guess, and this guy drew two beds, and two stick figures next to each bed. id ont know what got into this other friend of mine she stands up excitedly and yells "SEX" yikes. This incident has never left her till date. Right after that, a couple of words later was the word "Honeymoon" and everyone yells to her saying "A this word's for you"!!

At all these times, ppl in my team would cheat and exclude me cos i could never carry off lying/cheating cos id always break out into giggles. Anyway, so if the other team ever got suspicious id be the one who would have to swear we dint cheat. and since i wasnt included in the cheating i could say that with so much sincerity that the other team had no option to believe it! i was bakra like this for a loong time, until everyone figured it out.

There was also this time we were playing Taboo (the game of Unspeakable fun). For the people who dont know what it is about, its the same as pictionary only u cant draw or use actions, you can only TALK. You can say what the heck you want to save for the 6 taboo words listed on the card. sounds easy? its not. cos the 5 or 6 words listed will be the MOST obvious words and in the space of under a minute to guess as many words as u can its tough. for e.g. the word could be "dad" and the taboo words would be - father, children, pa, married, son and some other thing. its way funny. so there was this one time that we were playing boys vs girls and it was the guys turn. Easy as it sounds, one of them said "This is what i call you all the time" and the other guy answers "DICK" we were all in splits. needless to say we could not play anymore after that cos we were laughing so hard. oh btw, the word was "kid".

Then there was this one time (at bandcamp?!!) on Holi that we were playing cards at my place and the guys had secretly mixed Bhaang in the Thandaai without telling me ( i had of course threatened them not to do so). so there we were playing teen patti lke good kids and after a while im wondering why everyone (except me who had a cold that day and hence did not partake of the thandaai) was suddenly laughing so hard over small things, talking so loud, forgetting it was their turn. i got suspicious but what did it was this round when this guy D STOOD UP for his turn and RAISED HIS HAND, as if answering a question in class and then played his turn. what a giveway huh! course i was angry but it was just so funny i could'nt be angry for long!

Now im in flashback mode. :)


Jack Sparrow said...

Hahahaha this post made me laugh like a nut ! Especially at "DICK" :D

I remember a lot of incidents while playing cards ! Of course, no one yelled "DICK" but it was a lot of fun nonetheless :)

Serendipity said...

i remember a certain someone ALWAYS losing his ass off while playing "Judgement". Man, we got a blast out of how "off target" you could get! And the other nut (KL) who would take close to 15 mins to make a judgement - I think he would run probability tests in his mind at the time.

Jack Sparrow said...

I still have not forgotten the time I said I'd make 5 hands and then made them successfully.


Abhishek said...

Flashback is so dam awesome!!! I love going into Flashback mode very often..Relives so many awesome memories...

Ashwin said...

Haha... you've been in "flashback mode" for a while now... more or less.