Monday, July 30, 2007

Who invented Mondays $^#&*#@!^%

Maniac Mondays.

Whoever coined that word is a genius. It truly is. Maniac would describe my state of mind right now. Getting back to work after 2 whole days of lazing around is truly a punishment. There also seem to be so many things to be irritated about. Derth of good movies, return of the withdrawal symptoms, too many birthdays to shop for, morning paper came late, lunch was cold. Argghhh.
Desk jobs aren’t my thing. I should’ve been a motivational speaker or something. Or any job that involved talking and giving advice. Another thing I hate is when people know what their own problem is and instead of accepting it and moving on, saying “I’m like this I cant help it”. It bugs me. Don’t people know that acceptance is the first step towards recovery!!

I seem to be full of things im bugged with right now. It’s the Monday effect I tell you. I've begun having Monday morning blues from Saturday night itself. Won’t be far off when ill be depressed about Monday from Friday itself. Jeez.

Random thought just struck me, I wonder if my client has a blog. If she does im sure her entries will be one liners without punctuations and greetings. Actually she’s quite nice. Client servicing somehow instills this ability to make even the nicest clients look/sound/appear either like a complete dimwit or like the wicked witch from the west. I don’t remember the last time I met someone who had NO complains about his/her client. To be fair, if I did, I would think the person’s round the twist. I mean we aren’t supposed to like our clients!
Im being mean aren’t I? But what’s there, being nasty is therapeutic sometimes . Right now i need all the help i can get to snap out of this *mood*. Danger -thin ice.

The only thing cheering me up right now is this beautiful picture of Mumbai Meri Jaan.


Abhishek said...

Even I think you should have been a motivational speaker!!! Even I want to be one. Its kinda simpler too...u jus give advice to ppl...n dont take theirs ;)

Just another Indian said...

you would not make a good motivational speaker ... !! you can rather be a motivational writer ... they dont need to be motivated themselves...

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

Beautiful picture. Reminds me of the cochin shoreline from air a long time ago. Pity that they moved the airport.
The view used to be breathtaking I'll tell you.
This one: office window?

The Big Bad Wolf said...

manic (not maniac) :)

The bangles (guys who sang Walk like an Egyptian) wrote a song on it called manic monday.

The Nomad said...

Itna sannaata kyun hai bhai?!

:) I love that song ... every Monday that's my messenger status.

Just another Indian said...

all the best !! monday s here again

Ashutosh Deo said...

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays

seen Office Space :) ?