Thursday, February 14, 2008

Standard disclaimer rules apply

As an afterthought, just wanted to add (in context of my blog post below)

  • If your a woman, reading this AND getting mad at me, then you probably have some or all qualities ive spoken about, hence getting defensive and angry. I apologise for bringing your problems to the fore, but if you can take my advice, nothing like it :)
  • If your a woman , and thinking 'Exactly!' or 'serendipity u hit the nail on the head' then, CONTACT ME!
  • If your a man and getting mad at me, then join the gang. Im always pissing off people.
  • If your a man and NOT getting mad at me, and want to marry me (thank you Aditya!), then again, join the gang. as you can see, women like this are highly desirable. and errr modest.

And oh, the usual. The post was not meant to hurt feelings of ANYBODY, had no connection with anyone living or dead, specially anyone in my life. For any feelings that were evoked whilst reading the post, kindly refer to the bullet points above. And, Happy Valentines day!!


Abhishek said...

Do women who speak their mind( its good they do so) need to put disclaimers for their free flowing thoughts?

Hope you are doing great!!! :)

Serendipity said...

lol! well said. you would then, knowing me, know that the disclaimer was put in view of certain backlashes that (could) happen. :)

Aditya said...

"thank you"?!

I'll take that as a No :(

The Nomad said...

You know what? Why should you have to give disclaimers? We come across these people in our lives and if we completely disagree with what they are doing, why not say it? It beats the lets-bitch-n-not-say-anything policy hollow! And it can't be THAT difficult to hear/read an opninion which doesn't match your own.

If someone does read and feels its about them - good!What's that dialogue ... even if you can touch one life and that brings the insanity level down for one woman - your life would have been worth it, Ser. OK, that's a bit much - atleast the post would have been worth!! :D

Just another Indian said...

i agree with Nomad ...u need to say it on their face to these ppl ... bitching to other ppl is complete NO NO...
what i wud rather disagree with is preaching...coz one is not always what one thinks .... it is one thing to create an ideal statue in ur mind with the best carvings and perfect symmetry .. and another to make or become the same in reality

Serendipity said...

@ Indian-I hear ya! and your so right.

Luckily, im neither bitching, nor preaching :) Im simply speakng my mind.