Thursday, February 21, 2008

Go Barca!!

Am i the only woman who thinks Xavi Hernandez is verrrryyyy NICE. (IF you-know-what-I-mean). All in favor say aye. lol.

While on the subject, two really insane Football games were watched by one. Saturday night MANU - Arsenal (4-0)(actually this was less of a game and more of a pulverisation). and today Barca vs Celtic. (3-2). While the former was dominated by MANU from the start (2-0 in 20 mins), and (3-0) by half time, todays game Barca vs Celtic was seriously thrilling to watch.

I got home in time to watch the re-run... When i turned on the TV it was 2-2, (Barca - Henry and Messi) Celtic (dont know the spellings of the two fellas lol). BUT WHAT A GAME! Although Barca dominated the game throughout (80-85% ball possession, 500 passes completed) the second half, it was still a delight to watch considering the BRILLIANT footwork by Ronaldinho, Messi, Henry, Deco (substitued in the second half, think 10 mins before time).

Touch and go touch and go seemed to be the strategy for Barcelona, no player retained the ball for too long, the passes were well manoeuvered and even better executed, Celtic did not stand a chance. Also, the Celtic uniform reminded me of a little boys sailor unniform in green stripes instead of blue :) They also have a player called Mc Donald btw! (why would u name your kid that?!)

Messi had another goal in the 79th minute, very very well done. Honorable mention to Thierry Henry who managed to cut past the Celtic defenders and reach clear to receive some beautiful cross'es delivered to him, but were well saved by the goalkeeper. (in usual style, he also tried getting some free kicks etc which didnt really work. i hate when he behaves like a whiny footballer, he did the same in the World cup as well %^&*$##%^)

Ronaldinho has had a good season so far, albeit injury ridden. 8 games 6 goals. he can do better...he too was substitued in the second half, but after some really fancy footwork and outstanding runing.

Truly worth my one hour I'd say.


Jack Sparrow said...

:) I like you.

Also, does anything that you do which is usually classified as a "guy thing" have to be posted with the category "Women CAN actually read maps " ?!?!

Serendipity said...

Lol! YESS.

Farcenal said...

Whoa finally a girl who understands the offside rule ;)

Three points clear at the top
Three points clear at the top
You got kicked out of Europe at the Kop
Oh, three points clear at the top
Whoa are ya? Who are ya?

Anyways, Barca look very beatable this season. I hope we get a chance to avenge the abysmal CL final of 06. Also, I hate how you keep trying to steal Cesc! He's ours, try not to lose your wonderkids next time! That being said, when Ronaldinho can't get into the first XI, you know you've got one hell of a squad.

Can I ask what the inspiration for this post was? It seemed a lot less feminine/meaningful than your usual stuff..?

Serendipity said...

Farcenal! Hellow :)

To answer the last Q, other than being a fullon feminist and the likes, im also a regular fun-football-movies-music-food loving enthusiast and hence some or most posts will not be 'meaningful' :D


Farcenal said...

Heh I hate meaningful posts.

I bet your knowledge of football raises a few male eyebrows here and there?

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