Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One flew east, one flew west....

One flew over the cuckoos nest.
I wrote an entire blog post yesterday, which for some reason did not get saved, nor posted. I'm saddd. Anyhoo, moving on to what it was actually about. Women. Yes one of those. But, in a different flavor.

A hanging out session with a few (male) friends over the weekend just put a few things into perspective. Albeit, things i already knew and live my life by, and wished more women implemented in theirs. It could make life so much easier for poor men whom we keep cursing cos they're such easy targets.

  1. First up, your not a victim always! so stop behaving like one. I HATE women who think they're poor little helpless darlings who've been heartbroken by a cruel callous guy. I'm sorry, im of the opinion that a guy will only treat you the way you LET him treat you, and if he's not treating you right, or taking you for granted then you probably have you lack of self esteem or assertion to blame. If your dating, your as responsible for the downfall of the relationship as he is, so if he's the bad guy, your a b***h too. Accept it, and DEAL WITH IT.
  2. Secondly, if he's dumped you, MOVE ON. If he was interested in you, he wouldnt have dumped you in the first place. Pining for him and following him around with a sulky face will ONLY remind him of how he's glad he dumped you! My advice - find someone else! If you cant, gather your dignity, preserve and wait for the right guy. YOUR NOT GONNA DIE IF YOUR SINGLE.
  3. Thirdly, when did a guy being in your life make things better? BEING SINGLE IS THERAPEUTIC!
  4. Fourthly, dont take ALL your problems, add them up and then screw up everything cos 'poor me, my boyfriends acting up, work sucks, health sucks, i cut my toe yadayada'. Compartmentalise your problems! like ye- talk to the boyfriend, figure our things. put a bandaid on the toe, concentrate a little more at work and lesser on all the doom that (apparently) surrounds you and that should get better.
  5. Dont let your hormones get in the way. Im guessing this point is a waste of a bullet point cos seriously. Women, not being hormonal? kabhi nahi :)
  6. If you have a fight with him, dont mess up the day cos 'OMG you JUST cant concentrate' Seriously, being a woman, if i had to meet a guy whose ENTIRE day focussed around me, i would FLIP. Let alone poor men who can barely take care of themselves knowing a woman is busy not eating her lunch cos he's not called... is sure fire drive him away. Do you really want him to pity you? I'd kill myself if he guy i dated or ANYONE for that matter pitied me. Why would you want anyone to think your too weak to deal with something?
  7. If you or your boyfriend want to talk/meet all the time, then you got a problem. While i think its nice as initial euphoria, there is a point in time where i would like him to have certain activities im not a part of . gymming maybe, or music, or a boys night out drinking, and I'd have a life of my own too. Learn not to OVERLAP each and every aspect of your lives!
  8. Like there are women brokenhearted over that 'one love of their life' men have that one woman too, its just that they dont express it that much cos APPARENTLY its not very MACHO. However, certain conversations will reveal that men in fact, have that one woman they would do anything for, and would make them see the world in a new light. Its just that they dont harp about it like women do.

Men are not as bad as we women make them out to be, They're caring (sometimes) and sensible (sometimes) and have the most awesome shoulders to cry on (if reqd) and dont cry at the drop of a hat, so would (probably) make good decisions in crisis situations.

They're also extremely patient when it comes to dealing with us women and our Days :) Like they say, cant live with 'em, cant live without!

Think i was a man in my last life :)


Aditya said...

Marry Me.

Jack Sparrow said...

She's taken.

Ashwin said...

It is indeed a pity that far too many women need to be told these things

Aditya said...

Yes Mr. Sparrow, I'd have guessed that anyway. All the good ones invariably seem to be.

But then one couldn't let go the chance, just in case...

Serendipity said...

Im a 'good one' hahaha.

I could be BUTT ugly u know :):) and then you'll have to eat your words.

Aditya said...

*time for cliche'd dialogue*

"Beauty is only skin deep"

(ugly, goes clean to the bone, though...)

The Nomad said...

Contacting you :) After our post-lunch walks discussing all of this (which I will miss BTW)just wanted to say it for the record : I KNOWW!!!I agree!!

@Ashwin : agree too on too many women needing to be told these things which ideally should be wired in!