Friday, February 15, 2008

Hair me out...

Sources (ME) have confirmed that Meg Ryan is OFFICIALLY one hollywood actor who has NEVER had ANY good hair days. Albeit, she is cute and has starred in some FANTASTIC movies.

However it wouldve been nice to see her looking slightly nicer, with hair that actually looked combed and pants that did'nt look two sizes bigger. Let me not start on a certain co-star in When Harry met Sally (but if i had to start, i dint know whose hair looked worse).

Given all her bad choices in moppy hair and floppy pants, i still like her. She has that naive, girl next door, 'i believe in Prince Charming' [pls notice the use of Caps denoting proper noun], 'there ought to be fireworks and lightning' kind of look. Her character in Sleepless in Seattle? A BIG part of me. In Pursuit of magic and fireworks and the 'SIGN'!

Another man whose hand i want to shake simply for being such a fine judge of good movies to star in - Tom Hanks. Id say just about Average looks, below average hair (and a totally receding hairline), but the man has starred in some of my favorite movies! Forrest Gump, Cast away, Sleepless in Seattle [which ahem, I watched yesterday which is why this Meg-Ryan-Tom-Hanks euphoria. Thank you HBO for caring for us dateless souls :) ], You got mail, and SOOOO many more.

While on the topic, a few more people i like and why :)

  • Actor who played the most believable blind guy imitation - Al Pacino, Scent of a woman
  • Most innocent looking Male actor - Chris O Donell
  • Hottest Bald men - Vin Diesel and Colin Farrell
  • Director with movies i KNOW ill love - Martin Scorcese
  • Most versatile actor - (among many) Will Smith. the man acts and sings and dances and raps and does charity and is a loving doting husband and looks N-I-C-E and has that cute african-american accent

I have a LOT other categories, but they all somehow start with "Hottest..." Hence, this is the right time to terminate this blog post. :):) Any more nominations?


Abhishek said...

I can never read all ur posts completely because that 'in a nutshell' part keeps coming in between :(

Jack Sparrow said...

I agree with Abhi ! My tactic is to click on the link to leave a comment, and then "Show Original Post". Plain text and easier to read :)

More nominations:
1. Most evolved actor: Leonardo DiCaprio. Think of what he was in Titanic, and now what he is in The Departed and GANGS OF NEW YORK ! (Martin Scorsese for you !)
2. Actor who you must watch all movies of: Daniel Day-Lewis. Cases in point - Gangs of New York, There will be blood, In the name of the father.
3. Also, I must award random awards to Brad Pitt and Edward Norton for being brilliant :) And just kicking lots of ass. Fight Club, American History X, need I say more.
4. May I also state wrt Meg Ryan that I think she finally got it kinda right in You've Got Mail and Kate and Leopold :)

Serendipity said...

shall remove.

Jack - Yes, Yes, Yes and NO. Both movies she looked like she woke up, brushed her teeth, wore her dads clothes and showed up at the sets. It doesnt make her any less cuter, just scruffy. AS HELL.

The Depressed Doormat said...

@Jack Sparrow: I used to be a doubter of Leonardo DiCaprio's acting skills myself, but I watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Basketball Diaries and Romeo & Juliet, all pretty good performances, and before Titanic too! So I think Titanic was just a bad accident to a good actor.

For 2, Kevin Spacey. I am yet to watch a movie of his that has left me disappointed. Probably the same with Al Pacino.

@Serendipity: I'd like to nominate the Coen Brothers for Director with movies...

Pankaj Kapur for most versatile actor (he doesn't need to be able to sing as an actor does he?)

Some more categories:

Actor with most amount of enraged chest thumps: Denzel Washington

Baby face talentless bucko: Sean Astin

I'll add some more when I think/cook 'em up!

Aditya said...

NO NO NO! Keep her hair as it is, pretty please. She looks more _human_ and less manufactured in it. I have this thing for 'the girl next door'... I like it that way. Honest.

Pacino in Scent of a Woman... oh yes. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Capt. Sparrow: thumbs up for DiCaprio, Pitt & Norton. Not seen enough of DD Lewis (yeah, yeah) so I can't comment.

doormat: add Naseeruddin Shah next to Pankaj Kapur :)


I read the blog in Google Reader so the "In a Nutshell" thing aint a problem. And it is hidden on IE, though my browser of choice is Firefox where it comes in the way rather painfully.

Jack Sparrow said...

Serendipity: Scruffy can be cute too !

Doormat: Hell yeah on Kevin Spacey. I especially loved his role in Seven :) And your point about Denzel Washington's chest thumps was hilarious ! Oddly enough, I haven't seen any of the 3 DiCaprio movies you mentioned, but they're on my list. And wrt the Coen Brothers, absolutely. No Country has my vote for this year's best movie Oscar.

Aditya: First off - haha you said Captain Sparrow :) Well done ! Agreed on Naseeruddin Shah ! Also, Wiki Daniel Day-Lewis to learn more about him and the way he prepares for roles etc ... very interesting stuff.

Can I just throw this out there - I'm a huge Zoolander fan ... anyone else ? As a rule I'm not a fan of Ben Stiller / Owen Wilson movies ... but this one was brilliant.

Also, has anyone else watched "Qayamat - City under threat" ... I haven't laughed AT a movie as much as I have on this one ! It's an adaption of The Rock and its the most ridiculous movie ever.

The Depressed Doormat said...

@Sparrow: Zoolander has achieved cult status in some parts of India. I like/dislike it as much as I like other movies of that genre. It does have its good moments though.

I think the genre you are talking about for Qayamat, is Accidental Comedy (coined by my brother when we watched "15 Minutes").

Other nominees for that genre are, Dhamaal (the comic parts were depressingly sad) and The Hulk. There are others too, that I can't seem to remember.

@Aditya: Of course, Shah as well as Om Puri! Most brilliant in Maqbool.

Most Pansy movie moment ever: I nominate Cuba Gooding and Tom Cruise for "Show me the money" in Jerry Maguire.

Serendipity said...

@ you three. in agreement with most nominations EXCEPT zoolander. NO-FREAKING-WAY.

Blogspot is the new MSN?

The Depressed Doormat said...

@Serendipity: Isn't that the concept of a blog?

More nominations:

Most retarded movie to be made from a single concept from within The Matrix: Jumper

Most montonous voice: Owen Wilson

Jack Sparrow said...

Doormat: You actually watched Jumper ? Why ? Oh well, I watched Good Luck Chuck. I shall remain silent. BTW Good Luck Chuck has my vote for the only movie to have seriously grossed me out. What a waste of a good Jessica Alba ...

Ser: Yuss indeedy. You've created one of those posts that has set off a chain reaction :) Good job. And I have Zoolander on DVD so you shall have to grin (if you so choose) and bear it.

Most awesome animated movie: The Lion King.
And in recent times, I gotta say Shark Tale ... and Cars ... and I'm forgetting something else ... Dammit !

Serendipity said...

@ Doormat - lol! I cant believe you watched that movie!

@ Jack - ICE AGE!!! FOOL. you ought to kill yourself. I also liked Madagascar. watch out for the FUSA!

The Depressed Doormat said...

I have seen some pretty atrocious movies. Jumper is right up there. After watching some of the most brilliant movies over the past 2 weeks (Foreign Language Oscar nominations of the new millenium), I guess it was about time I slipped up!

Jack Sparrow said...

Ice Age :) That's the one !

Dusty Fog said...

Meg Ryan is super cute....blush..blush...: )
you have disappeared by the way...: (

Jack Sparrow said...

Who has disappeared ?

Aditya said...

Capt Sparrow: I have *read* enough about DDL, just not *seen* enough about him. This is a tragedy that will be corrected in due time.

As for Qayamat - we got the VCD free with the music system we purchased eons ago. As such it is the first VCD I ever watched. It also remains the most entertaining, however unintentional the entertainment was :D

(and me being a fan of all machines that fly, the last bit with animated aircraft was hilarious. But they actually got the aircraft correct... which was surprising...)

The only movie which owns - or PWNS! as the kids say - all other for unintentional comedy is Jaani Dushman. If you haven't seen it, BUY THE DAMN MOVIE. All star cast, all time great script, scenes copied from every action flick you can think of. And Manisha Koirala's prominent stomach. Sweet.

Lion King beats Ice Age. Without a doubt. I still can't watch that bit where Mufasa gets killed, even though they don't show him dying.

And I will confess to have watched the second National Treasure. Sigh.