Thursday, June 28, 2007

A love affair..

I'm sitting at my desk.. gazing longingly at the rain outside..its playing hide and seek with me.. this rain. This morning i took a cab to work thinking ill have a pleasant ride to work in a car with pouring rain. No sooner did i reach my office building than it started raining. no fair.

One of my fondest memories of the rain is this one time when a couple of my friends J, SK and I decided to walk to Gaylord (Pastry shop) in the pouring rain, to have a chocolate tart. (no thanks to a tart a day, i got fatter by 10 kgs). so the three of us are walkin in the pouring rain. i was of course skipping a step and going "wheee". rain=puddles=must splash. Hence. (just setting the context for what your gonna read next)

Poor me, I was just following the unwritten rule. "see a puddle, splash someone!" so i let out a powerful swing of my leg splashing K with (what i thought was) puddle water. Turns out the puddle had ne tiny coating of water and was mostly mud. so K was naturally furious that his "GAP" jeans now had a nice mud linign all the way down one side. being wet is ok, but being muddy is unacceptbele. (i say pish tosh, get wet get muddy, get downright dirty and stop whining - Its the only way to enjoy 'em rains).

So after spending the appropriate amount of time expressing apologies over the dirty jeans, we moved on. we reach Gaylords, nearly TASTING the tarts just from the smell. we even reached the point of ordering when we all realized that NONE of us had our wallets. (smartypants that we were, we had left our bags with someone coward enough not to venture out in the rains, so that our books, discman etc dont get wet.)

Who would've guessed we would actualy have to PAY for the tart? Such a small slip of mind this.

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