Friday, June 22, 2007

Thank God It's Friday!

Its funny how when you start blogging, every incident, every conversation, every funny sight becomes something you try to sensationalise and put down on your blog!

I saw Oceans 13 last night. movies like this make me wish for guys dressed like that to appear in and around my real life as well. i mean is it really that hard? Its such a soothing feeling - to watch such eye candy on the big screen heh heh. V was wondering if he's stupid - taking his girlfriend for a movie with so many hot men. i quickly put his fears to rest - cos these men were so far and unattainable that he had nothign to worry :)

Somethign interesting happened today - As i got off my bus today morning (yep! i took a B.E.S.T - im well on my way to gettin over the "take-a-cab-everywhere-i-go-cos-i-can-afford-it" bit) i noticed this HUGE line. when i say HUGE i mean it started at the bus stop (smack in front of Tea centre) and ended just at the turn at the Indian Mercants chamber. naturally, i was wondering what it was for. turns out it was the line for B.E.S.T Route no 123. A line? in India? with people standing queitly, in LINE? With no fight scenes? in LINE? (it was actually straight!)I was amazed. to say the least.

was walking past with my music playing and thinking these thoughts about the line and grining to myself. Maybe we Indians r actually catching up with the civilized world. Sure,we need people to paint gods idols on walls so people dont desecrate it and we need bribes to get anywhere and anythign. but still. we're learning the art of making lines!

so imagine my state when i walked to the entrance to CCG (right near Satkar) and i see not ONE, but two LINES!! on opposite sides of the roads, segregated as MEN and WOMEN! this one was for the office goer's to Nariman point. By now, my mind was in a tizzy! when did we get so mature?! although i wont make too much of this yet, people have put garishly painted lions and cows around the Indian merchants chamber and Asiatic to spread awareness of some sort. Dont ask me to explain, i dont know either. though i know the lion painted with a white t shirt and blue denim shorts is supposed to say "stop noise pollution". go figure.

obviously this led to some people protesting and taking out morchas and what not. someone should write a book on all the ridiculous PIL's and morchas and protests Indians have undertaken. im wondering if someones gonna fire me for saying "Indian" so many times.

think this post is getting too long. am gonna break them up to avoid reader fatigue haha.

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