Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lights out

Turns out we can blog from work. thats brilliant. even more stuff i can pretend to be busy doing! so last night i had to tell my boyfriend about my blog. im not happy about it but men have this way of calmy emotionally blackmailing women without sounding like they're doing it. barely a second after i had uttered my link was he already on my page! it was freaky!! Im considering getting ANOTHER blog :)

Too many changes happenign in life right now. i hate work. everytime i get settled in with what im working on and the people around me, the job is shifted and the people leave. Im not one for complaceny, but a certain degree of comfort is required to get me to go somewhere for a min of 8 hrs a day, nearly 320 days a year. plus im plagued with this notion that wherever i go, my boss quits, which is not unfounded considering my director at my previous job left within 2 months of me being there, and my director at my new job did the same (he was the nicest boss EVER) also, the person i was reporting to, is in office for the next one week only! YIKES.
Next i know people wont hire me cos ill be the "one whose bosses quit".

I'm wondering if my boyfriend (lets call him V) will think theres very little being written about him. I'm thinkin there might be a whole post one day dedicated to him and what hes brought into my life. Maybe.

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Abhishek said...

One post abt V???? Hes gettin more than he deserves haa :P

I think you shud take this off ur resume that aftr u join...your bosses quit..:P